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No one likes to take an unexpectedly cold shower. In order to maintain all of your comforts however, the plumbing in your home must always be in working conditions. Forgetting about the maintenance of your home can cause emergencies that will disrupt your daily life. At All Purpose Plumbing we will help you keep your home safe at all times.

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What is Considered a Plumbing Emergency?

We recognize that plumbing emergencies come in all shapes and sizes. From the stopped up shower drain or clogged toilet, to the leaking or burst water pipe. These can all be emergencies, depending on when and how they occur, even though some are more obvious or large-scale problems than others. For example, in a home or apartment with a single bathroom, a clogged toilet can be a major emergency. Any plumbing issue involving a large volume of water is definitely classified as an emergency because of the damage water can do to furnishings, drywall, and even the electrical system of a structure.

How Can I Keep My Toilet From Getting Clogged?

An ounce of prevention can be worth a pound of cure, as the saying goes. One way to prevent toilets from clogging is to have the pipes regularly maintained by an experienced plumber to prevent the buildup of sludge and to keep everything in pristine, working condition. If a toilet has serious clogging issues already, then it may need to have some of its parts replaced or just a service adjustment for the water level. For low-flow models installed in the mid-nineties, replacing the toilet with a more modern and efficient model may do the trick. Our plumbers can usually install a new toilet and cart away the old one in less than a full hour. The new toilet should clog less often and save water without sacrificing comfort or flushing power.

How Often Should I Clean My Drains?

A clean drain is a happy drain. Regular maintenance will keep plumbing in good condition longer and prevent expensive plumbing disasters, like leaking pipes. The P-Trap located underneath a sink should be removed and cleaned at least once per year for bathroom sinks and potentially more often for kitchen sinks, which are typically the recipients of more oily waste. Our professional plumbers can clean these quickly and thoroughly and make certain that the pipe segments are attached firmly to prevent leaks. We can also performed needed maintenance on shower drains and hair traps.

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