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Your home uses one main water supply to bring water to laundry systems, faucets, and dishwashers. This complex system uses many pipes in varying sizes to move water efficiently, but they can clog over time. All Purpose Plumbing knows that you have questions about your plumbing to keep it working well over the years.

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What is Considered a Plumbing Emergency?

Any uncontrolled water flow is typically an emergency. If a sink or toilet begins to overflow, these components have water valves near the wall pipe connection. Turning the valve off should stop the water flow, allowing you to call us for an emergency visit. If that valve does not stop the flow, you need to access the home's main water valve. Commonly located outside, this valve shuts off water to the entire home. When you can only control your water overflow with this valve, you need to give us a call.

A specific plumbing emergency, such as a hot water heater cracking open, requires an immediate visit from us as well. We need to replace the tank so you can have hot water again. Avoid this flooding accident with careful inspections of your tank each month.

What is the Best Water Filtration System?

When it comes to your home's tap water, you may want a filtration system to remove certain pollutants, such as chlorine. The best filtration system depends on your budget and maintenance habits. Filtration systems that fit under a faucet can have one or more filters. All water running through that faucet will be filtered. Alternatively, use a filter that attaches at the faucet head. You control when the filter is used, saving money on filter replacements.

Whole house filtration system are commonly reverse osmosis or water softener types. However, they do require our maintenance plan to keep them working correctly. They filter water at the home's incoming water line, supplying all faucets with the same clean water.

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How Can I Keep My Toilet from Getting Clogged?

A clogged toilet is a common occurrence in some homes. Avoid using excessive toilet paper and keep young children from throwing objects into the water. Unlike sinks, grease and hair are not typical clog causes in toilets. However, a clog can occur that affects all toilets, along with sinks.

If you notice that several toilets or sinks are backed up, contact us immediately. Your home has a mainline, allowing wastewater to flow to the nearby municipal sewage treatment facilities. When your main line is clogged, no water can exit the home's toilets or sinks. We must use our specialized cameras to pinpoint the clog and remove it.

All Purpose Plumbing wants you to have piping that flows well all the time. Keep objects from falling into drains and toilets. Place strainers on drains to catch any accidental items. Caring for your piping ensures that it will last for many years without a major repair.

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