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Many homeowners spend thousands of dollars to repair damages that are caused by plumbing emergencies. All Purpose Plumbing, however, helps homeowners avoid this problem. Because our technicians are trained, they help homeowners prevent plumbing emergencies. Our technicians handle plumbing emergencies very efficiently. This is important because fast services reduce property damage. Homeowners also hire our technicians during calmer situations. For example, our water filtration system services are highly recommended. Our technicians help homeowners select the best systems for their individual needs. Our advice is appreciated by homeowners.

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What is a Common Plumbing Emergency?

Although there are many types of plumbing emergencies, a leak is generally the most common problem. A leak occurs when there is a pipe crack or the pipe breaks. Leaks are also possible when there is a weak joint. When a leak occurs, the first step involves shutting off the main water supply. This is important because the water will continue to flow, and this will cause damage. Other devices in the home will also require an inspection. The hot water heater should be shut off using the circuit breaker. The gas supply must also be shut off. A plumber will be needed to repair the leak. The pipe may need to be replaced or the joint may need repairs. Our technicians handle these particular tasks efficiently, so homeowners can use their water again.

What is the Best Water Filtration System?

Selecting a water filtration system can be challenging. There are various systems available in stores. However, homeowners should buy a filtration system based on the contaminants they want to remove. Faucet-mounted filters and countertop systems are efficient, but they a bulky. Also, these devices do not remove many contaminants. They remove contaminants that involve smell and taste; they also remove lead.

Whole-house filters are simple to install. They use the main water line. These units remove rust particles and sediment from the water that travels to the home.

Undersink filters use cartridges, and some cartridges only filter odors and taste. There are also cartridges that remove other elements, such as sediment, bacteria, and lead. Because of this, undersink filters should be considered based in the home’s general needs.

Faucet-mounted filters are installed on the faucet. Most devices remove odors and taste. However, more advanced devices can remove lead. The filter is small, and it is simple to install and remove. No matter what water filtration system is purchased, consider hiring one of our technicians to handle installation.

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How Can I Keep My Toilet From Getting Clogged?

Most toilet clogs can be prevented by using a few simple procedures. Kids generally cause a lot of toilet clogs. Because of this, homeowners should keep risky items away from the toilet. However, general items that can be flushed down the drain can also cause clogs. For example, huge wads of toilet paper should never be flushed down the drain. It is important to keep from throwing away large amounts of non-degradable products down your toilet, including feminine products.

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