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Dealing with plumbing maintenance and emergencies is certainly not a homeowner’s favorite experience. However, making sure that all plumbing systems at home are working thoroughly is very important for your safety and comfort. All Purpose Plumbing is here to take all those troubles away. With our same-day service, we will deal with all of your plumbing necessities, always guaranteeing speedy and effective results.

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What is Considered a Plumbing Emergency?

There are several types of emergency situations that require immediate attention of plumbing services technicians;

-Leaking or Burst Water Pipe

The first indication of a leaking or burst water pipe is noticing a large puddle of water on the floor. This puddle will continue to grow larger by the minute due to the stream of water flowing from the damaged pipe. In the case of a leak, the water may temporarily be contained by a bucket, although, this is not always possible.

A busted water pipe is cause for alarm. This usually causes a heavy flow of water to quickly accumulate and spread in the immediate area. We know there are cases where some people panic because they do not know where the main water valve is located. If the water valve is not shut off quickly, a major flood is the result. An experienced plumbing expert can locate this valve during an emergency and shut off the water. However, there will be less damage if people at the location know where to find the valve and how to shut it off.

-Clogged Drain or Toilet

Clogged drains and toilets are very common. Food, grease, hair and debris are usually responsible for clogging up kitchen and bathroom sinks. Flushing certain objects down a toilet cause them to become lodged in the drain. Water flow is obstructed and backs up, causing the toilet to overflow.

-Gas Line Rupture

A gas line rupture is a very dangerous situation. There will be a strong smell of gas throughout the home. These leaks are not usually a result of gas burners left on at the stove. A ruptured line will continue emitting dangerous fumes until a professional arrives and shuts it off. Evacuate everyone from the premises immediately whenever there is a strong smell of gas.

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How Can I Keep My Toilet from Getting Clogged?

This is a common question we get asked by our customers. Contrary to what many believe, the toilet cannot handle all items that are tossed in its bowl. Toilet drainage systems can only handle a certain capacity. Avoid flushing objects such as feminine products, paper towels and large wads of toilet paper. Teach kids not to flush toys.

What Water Filtration System is Best for My Needs?

There are several different types of water filtration systems. Each system may use a different method to distill and purify water. Choosing the best one for you depends on factors like level of purification (removal of organic and inorganic impurities), size and convenience of the system. We are more than happy to discuss each type of system and answer questions.

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