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Your Home Reno Might Not Be Safe Without a Permit

Planning a home reno can be an exciting task. The execution, however, might be a whole other story. Without careful preparation, your bathroom or kitchen remodeling project can go sideways in the blink of an eye. All because of a piece of paper.

If you do not carry a permit for your bathroom renovation, the city can, and most likely will, put a stop to it altogether. Keep reading to understand just how necessary plumbing permits are and why your home reno might not be safe without one.

It May Not Meet Safety Standards

“safetystandards”Building codes are set up for safety purposes. If your home renovation doesn't meet safety standards, you will run into problems.

Bathroom remodeling requires a permit because you will be exposing pipes, replacing sinks and fixtures, and potentially adding on to the space.

The same is true as well for kitchen remodeling. One cut into the wrong pipe, and you could be facing a disastrous flood, or worse, a slow and painfully expensive leak. Either way, permits ensure safe work is completed, which is why they are so important.

No Licensed Professional Would Encourage It

“noprofessional”Some jobs require a contractor to be present during the work. Be assured that no licensed professional, plumber or otherwise, would condone a renovation without the proper documents.

Professionals understand not only the significance of the permits but also the ramifications one might face without one.

Don't be the person who ignored the advice of a reputable source. All plumbers will tell you to retrieve a permit before any kitchen remodeling or other renovations in the home. It helps everyone out in the end.

You May End Up Getting Fined

“penaltyfine”Do your homework before deciding to do construction work without a permit. You can go online to research what the permit requirements are in Tacoma, WA.

Or simply call the city and talk to someone about the work you plan to do. Be specific, however, and honest. If you don't take these extremely important steps, you may end up getting fined by the city.

You could be penalized for work carried out that doesn't meet city code. The permit is in place to solidify safety. Bathroom and kitchen remodeling can be expensive enough, don't add to it by incurring fines for lack of proper documents. What is the cost of the fine? It can range up to three times more than the price of the original permit.

To conclude, be sure to inquire about permits with your city permit office before you begin building. Incorporate the cost of the permit into your budget, then purchase the permit prior to building day. You'll have no mess and no fuss, just a simple home renovation.