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Tree roots and your sewer lines


Tacoma PlumberWho doesn't love trees? Trees can make a yard look beautiful and shade your house from the blazing sun in the summer. However, trees can cause major problems if they get into your sewer lines.

Tree roots are clever. They can find the smallest hole in a pipe and get into your pipes that way. The roots can even get into a pipe and get under your foundation slab. Fixing this problem is time consuming and costly. You have to repair the sewer lines, possibly your foundation and your landscaping.

If a tree root has gotten into your sewer lines it can cause raw sewage to back up into your home. You may have to have your water shut off for a long period of time. If the problem is bad enough you may not be able to live in your house while the repairs are going on. When you think about you use a lot of water from cooking to going to the bathroom. Having your water shut off is a huge inconvenience.

Some signs to look for are slow flowing drainage, your toilet gurgling after you flush it and pools of water next to your washing machine after you do laundry. If you notice any of these call someone immediately. The sooner you get it fixed the better and cheaper it will be for you.

Clay pipes will be the ones that are the most vulnerable to tree roots. The best kind of pipes are PVC pipes.

To keep from having tree roots in your sewer lines have them checked often. This will ensure that you can keep on top of any defects in the pipes that would lead to a tree route getting in. If they already have gotten in then you can get a head of the problem. Just remember tree routes in your sewer lines are no laughing matter.

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