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Signs Your Water Heater Needs Maintenance


Tacoma Water HeaterA household cannot really function well when a water heater is in need of repairs. You do not want to ignore any leaks or other unusual signs from this unit as by doing so it can often lead to bigger repairs and bigger bills. You should familiarize yourself as to what signs to look for that will indicate that a water heater may need repairs or replacement.

One sign to look for is if your bathtub or sink has rust stains inside of it or the water flowing is a rust color. This may be due to the unit needing to be flushed out or if you are unsure, contact a licensed plumbing professional. Also keep in mind that rust and debris ultimately accumulates along the bottom portion of the water tank. Obviously you cannot see deep inside of the tank however you might be able to view water that is rust colored because eventually the gunk will affect the water coming from the taps.

Another sign to be aware of is if you notice any water puddles on the floor or some moisture that has built up along the tank base. This usually will indicate that there is a leak in the hot water heater. Any type of water on the floor near the tank is a pretty good indicator that you should call a plumber as soon as possible.

The age of a water heart also can influence how it performs. Usually a water heater that runs by gas can last about 10 years and a unit that uses electric can last about 15 years. Even if a unit has been around for a number of years it doesn’t automatically mean that you should replace it. Simply be sure to contact a plumber when you see any abnormalities.

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