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Garbage Disposal Odor Issues


Tacoma PlumberDealing With a Smelly Garbage Disposal

In cases of smelly garbage disposals, this situation can call for a professional plumber. Such smelly problems may stem from old garbage disposals that are not chopping up food like it used to and as a result, food is getting stuck on the blades and the over time, rots.

There are actions that plumbers can take in this instance to create a propitious situation, so that food is blended appropriately and the awful smell is over. To help keep the life of your garbage disposal, there are some things that you should not put in your garbage disposal and this article can serve as a counsel in that regard.

Why Should I Call a Plumber for This Job?

When a garbage disposal lets out a foul odor into the kitchen, this indicates - usually - a broken garbage disposal. Calling your local plumber to take a look at this problem is a best step to take.

Now, if the problem happens to be a broken garbage disposal, since the plumber is already present, he can immediately service your issue to rid the problem and get rid of the smell. A garbage disposal includes a multitude of parts, so it is not the best idea to take on such matter on your own. A qualified plumber should be the only option for this case.

What Shouldn't I Put In My Disposal?

In many cases, to the reason why garbage disposals break and even just let out a funky odor, are responsible to putting the wrong things in its path to dispose. Of course items such as jewelry, plastic bottle caps and silverware, should never go into a garbage disposal, but in addition, the following items - and of the likes - should never go into a garbage disposal as it can cause many issues with a garbage disposal system and cause breakage and foul odor release to happen.

Garbage DisposalFoods that should never go into a garbage disposal:

  • Potato peels, banana peels, onion skin, etc. - can cause a jamming or blockage.
  • Bacon grease and oil - builds up over time and hinders the blades performance
  • Bones - dulls the disposal blades
  • Asparagus - its fibers, can wrap around disposal blades and cause interference
  • Coffee Grounds - can cause blockage

As long as a garbage disposal is taken well care of to the best of ones ability, its life should be plentiful. In cases when a garbage disposal has its time to get replaced, it can give off a foul odor that may be hard to bear, due to its inability to properly process foods.

In this case, calling a plumber should be your only option as trying to fix the problem on your own, can create further problems that may can get quite expensive. Your local plumber can be found online and shall receive a call in smelly garbage disposal conditions.

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