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Things to know about hydro jetting


Tacoma Hydro JettingHydro Jetting is a method of cleaning out drains by using a rotating nozzle that has a water power level of 1,000 psi and a flow level of 2 gallons a minute. There are different Hydro Jetting systems that will be used depending on the size of the sewer line and the estimated size of the blockage.

The rotating nozzle is entered into the drain cleaning outlet which is located near the home. It is then lowered into the sewer pipe. At this point a trained operator will begin to turn on the water and set the pressure of the machine. The pressure moves the nozzle through the drain, and it cleans the sewer line walls as it moves forward. A rotating nozzle will spray water in a 360 degree pattern. This will ensure that the walls are completely clean. The high water pressure will remove all of the debris that has adhered to the sewer line walls. The pressure can be increased to 3,500 psi if needed. The continuing forward movement of the nozzle will signal the operator that the pressure is set for the correct amount.

The Hydro Jetting process will clean built-up grease off of the walls of the sewer line. Homeowners often do not realize how much grease is on the walls, and the grease can trap other debris. The eventual result is a clog.

The most frequent clogs encountered are tree roots, and some can travel 100 feet seeking water. They have the strength to force their way into a sewer line joint and grow. They will grow eventually to the size where they will burst the line. A massive amount of root growth will trap toilet tissue and other debris while continuing to create a big clog. This is the time for Hydro Jetting.

Checking the sewer line annually is a good plan if your yard has several trees in it. A video camera inspection would tell you how open the lines are. If your Tacoma home is in need of hydro jetting services, give us a call at (253) 473-5100 and set up an appointment with one of our experts today!