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What is a “Perfect Plumbing” System?

“perfectplumbingsystem”In an ideal world, your drains would always empty quickly, the toilet always flushes, you’d have adequate water pressure, and there would never be a leaky faucet. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world and a plumbing system can have many problems.

These problems don’t have to become major emergencies and quite often they are easy to fix--either on your own or with the help of a plumber. More importantly, before your plumbing starts giving you issues, there are things you can do to prevent it.

Continue reading for a few things to consider to ensure perfect plumbing!

Your Pipes and Drains are Part of Your Home

“cleandrains”The above statement is a no-brainer, right? Well, the rest of your home gets cleaned regularly and you probably have a rug to catch dirt at the door. Pipes and drains are no different. They should be cleaned regularly to prevent buildup and clogs.

A drain can be seen as the ‘door’ to your pipes. You don’t want to let all the hair and debris fall into it. This is how clogs begin to form and they can easily be prevented with strainers or hair catchers.

You might be thinking that to prevent clogs it would be just as easy and efficient to pour drain cleaner and let it ‘work.’ The drain cleaner solution is likely to do more harm than good. It may increase the speed of drainage but it can melt PVC pipes and destroy other ones.
Only a professional will have the right tools and knowhow to break up clogs and clean pipes properly.

What’s Causing Your Low Water Pressure?

“balancedwaterpressure”The problem with water pressure is that too much or too little can be a sign of current or future problems. Too little water pressure can stem from:

  • Faulty or damaged shutoff valve
  • Severe clogs
  • A root problem in your pipes

Too much water pressure can also be a problem. Although it might not have a significant effect on your plumbing right away, over time, it can cause serious damage. This is due to the fact water expands when it is heated and pipes don’t follow suit.

Regardless as to if you face too much or too little, a professional plumber will be able to give you the solution you need to get your system working at the highest level possible.

How To Choose Your Plumbing Pros

If you thought dealing with a plumbing problem was stressful enough, imagine what happens when you choose the wrong plumber to fix the problem. There are a few things you should consider when choosing a plumber, and they include:


  • Local Expertise: Plumbing regulations are often put into effect because they’re what works and what is safe. That’s why it’s key to work with plumbing contractors that are experts in your local area, and have a good understanding of the local requirements needed for your plumbing system.
  • Quality Maintenance: The best way to avoid plumbing problems is by getting regular maintenance. Like a well-oiled car, a properly serviced plumbing system can work better, for longer.
  • Accurate Services: Anytime there is a plumbing problem in your system, you want to get a repair that’s going to fix the actual problem. Getting repairs with pinpoint accuracy can always prevent further damage

Whether you have maintenance issues or an emergency, give All Purpose Plumbing a call. We are the local plumbers that can get you your perfect plumbing system.