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Benefits Of Having a Tankless Water Heater In Your Home


Tacoma Water HeaterTankless water heaters can be more convenient, safe, reliable, eco-friendly, and less expensive than traditional tank systems. 

Tankless water heaters save a significant amount of space. Since they often take up less square feet on the ground and much less vertical space, they can be mounted on walls and stored in areas where traditional water heaters would never fit. As well, they can be stored indoors as well as outdoors and they’re square shapes are much more space efficient than a round tank. This offers homeowners the freedom to finally design the layout and storage spaces in their home on their own terms and never have to cover up an ugly water heater again.

Tankless water heaters finally end family battles over hot water. With an unlimited amount of hot water available constrictive morning shower and laundry schedules can be thrown aside.

Tankless heaters are much more energy efficient than traditional tank systems as well. Energy bills and your home’s carbon footprint can sometimes be lowered up to 40% a month. And since tankless systems generally have a much longer lifespan they won’t need to be replaced as often as a tank system and save money on upkeep and maintenance.

Water quality and safety is also maximized with tankless water heater systems. Tanks can accumulate scale and rust over time which leach into water. This can affect the quality, taste, and health properties of your home’s water. Tankless water heaters minimize this risk significantly and are easier to maintain. They also offer more control over the temperature of water. Safeguards can be put in place to restrict how hot water temperature will be out of the faucet. This can make things like dishwashing more convenient and can protect young children from scalding themselves in the bath or sink. If water temperature isn’t hot enough it can be much more easily adjusted and fixed than a traditional water heater.

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