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Reasons to Get a Garbage Disposals Unit for Your Home


Garbage DisposalWhen washing dishes either in the sink or with the dishwasher, a garbage disposal is an excellent way to easily handle any extra left over food bits. Aside from the added convenience that having a garbage disposal can provide, there are numerous reasons that this electronic device is beneficial for home use. By using a disposal, rather than merely throwing away food waste, the benefit of a more sanitary condition within the home is created as the food waste is immediately removed as opposed to collecting bacteria as the waste awaits removal by the garbage collector. Also, the food particles will not need to be stored in trash bags which take a very long period of time to decompose in landfill settings. The amount of trash sent to landfills is reduced as well, allowing ground particles to be more aptly dealt with by the waste authority who can in turn re-purpose the ground food waste into useful fertilizer.

Additionally, for the most part, methane gas created at treatment facilities is used to generate energy/power whereas landfill emissions are not handled in the same way. Both of these features also allow processors to decrease their total operating costs which is often a savings realized by the municipality, often through decreased taxation. Since much of landfill waste is processed by incineration the presence of food waste contributes significantly to the production of methane gasses during that process. Methane gas is very harmful to Earth’s atmosphere and keeping this type of product out of landfills is facilitated by the use of a disposal unit. Less trash also means that fewer refuse vehicles would be required in any given area, which helps with energy costs for a given area as well as fewer carbon dioxide emissions from those vehicles. Garbage disposals also only use a minuscule amount of water and electric, therefore the use of one does not substantially interfere with these utility costs. Though there are pros and cons to using a disposal, the benefits far outweigh the downfalls when all aspects are considered.

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