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The 5 Most Common Clogs in Toilets

Tacoma Plumber1A toilet clog is no laughing matter. People flush all kinds of things down toilets that don't belong.

The 5 most common clogs in toilets are a bit surprising, but also something you may have done yourself!


People often use their toilets as a garbage disposal, dumping leftovers into the bowl and then flushing them away. Never flush food down the toilet, whether it's last night's casserole or even soup.

Food can, and does, get stuck in your pipes, and can lead to a messy, smelly, and embarrassing plumbing problem.

Cosmetics and Toiletries

Things like razors, eyelash curlers, lipstick tubes, and even mascara wands make their way into toilets all the time. This is usually done by curious children who will throw nearly anything into a toilet. Keep the lid down and watch young ones in the bathroom to keep these things free of the toilet.

Ladies, sanitary napkins and tampons are never meant to be flushed down the toilet, no matter how convenient it may seem. Wrap these used items in toilet paper and place them in the wastebasket instead, as these are very common toilet cloggers.

Kitty Litter

Yes, kitty litter gets flushed down toilets all the time. While this may seem an easy easy way to dispose of kitty's waste, the litter can stick in the twists and turns of pipes and lead to a nasty clog down the line. All kitty litter should be placed in a wastebasket and taken outside.

Tacoma Clogged-ToiletYes, toys are common toilet cloggers. Children love to toss dolls, building blocks, marbles, and other small items down the toilet and watch them flush away to the unknown.

Again, keep little ones under a watchful eye and make sure their toys don't end up in a sewer somewhere- or worse, clogged in your pipes.

The best way to protect your toilet is to keep certain items out of it. Never flush anything that isn't meant to go into your sewer, which means you are limited to wipes and toilet paper.

Keeping your toilet free of foreign debris is the best way to protect your plumbing and keep your pipes free of clogs.

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