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Ways to reduce your water heater's energy consumption


Tacoma Water Heater MaintenanceEnergy consumption is a big topic these days. Everyone wants to go “green” and in order to do so, people must evaluate where they can cut corners to conserve. One way to go green inside the home is by reducing overall energy consumption and thus reducing one’s carbon footprint. It’s hard to imagine ways to reduce costs, especially when one is used to their routine and doing what they do without thought. Here are five ways that a family can reduce their energy costs effectively.

Reduce Your Water Tank's Temperature

The recommended setting for the temperature on a water tank is between 135-140 degrees. Anything above this can burn a child, or too far below may not be safe. With that being said, setting the temperature back to 120 degrees will offer big savings. There is no need to have scalding hot water, most just mix cold with it anyway. Turn back the dial and save a noticeable amount on the electric or gas bill.

Switch To a Gas Hot Water Tank

A gas hot water tank is cheaper to operate than an electric one. Switching out the tanks can be very effective for overall price savings. There are other options like a tan less variety, but they are a bit pricier. If a home cannot afford a tankless unit, then opt for the gas water tank.

Tacoma PlumberUse Copper Drain Pipes

A plumber can help to wrap copper water pipes around a copper drain pipe. This goes down into the sewer lines. There is no thermal storage, but it is effective because water is being utilized at the precise time that it is going down the drain. For instance, when taking a shower, this option could prove to be helpful.

Solar Hot Water System

Solar hot water systems are becoming increasingly popular. They are known to reduce the overall operation costs of a unit anywhere from 10 to 100%. The savings will be dependent upon the climate in which ones lives and how many panels they invest in.

Get A Programmable Thermostat

Whether going away on vacation or just wanting to turn it down at specific points, adjusting the temperature on a hot water tank can mean savings. Since no one will be using the hot water at night, turn the temperature down. If the unit doesn’t have the option to program it, look for a model that provides this energy saving luxury.

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