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What Consumes the Most Water in My House?

When it comes to water consumption in the home, many people have a lot of misconceptions as to what consumes the most water and how to reduce their overall water bill.

The good news is that a qualified plumber can help you make the changes necessary to reduce your overall water consumption and start to see lower water bills as a result. Let's take a look at the top offenders when it comes to home water consumption.

What Consumes the Most Water in Your Home?

When it comes to excessive water consumption many people believe that taking baths is the #1 issue. This however isn't the case for the most part. While baths can be a large source of water consumption in homes with large families showers tend to consume more water overall in comparison.

Another large source of water consumption is the toilet. This applies to older models especially since they can use up to five gallons or more per flush. In some cases a home may even use more water to run the toilets than they do on showers or baths.

The third big water user in the home is the use of washing machines. Though this issue doesn't use as big of water use as baths, showers, and toilets it does add up. Especially if there are multiple people washing clothes more than once a week using separate loads.

Another surprising source of water consumption is the existence of leaks. This can easily make up 12% or more of a homes water consumption and can lead to unusually high water bills.

My Water Bill is Unusually High. What Should I do?

Water ConsumptionIf your water bill is higher than expected and you've kept a close eye on your shower, bath, and toilet habits then the probable answer is that you have undetected leaks that are giving you issues.

In addition to running up your bill they could also be causing significant infrastructure damage to your home without you even knowing it which will make your increased water bill seem like nothing by comparison.

If you suspect that your water bill is higher due to undetected leaks you're going to want to call a plumber immediately to have the issue investigated.

The sooner you get his problem taken care of the better because a leak only gets worse over time and that can spell big trouble for more than just your water bill.

Is your water bill too high in your Tacoma home? Call All Purpose Plumbing at (253) 473-5100 to get more tips on how to save water.