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10 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

No matter how comfortable a bathroom has been for its resident family, there may come a time when everyone in the house needs a change. The wall color feels drab, the fixtures are chipped, peeling or worn and the family has used every rug cover remedy imaginable for old, unattractive flooring.

These reasons are sometimes connected to aesthetics, especially if the fixtures are still functional. Here are some other practical reasons to take on a remodeling project for the bathroom.

 Tacoma, WA bathroom remodelingEasy Financing and Affordable Materials Available

If you have thumbed through a home and interior design magazine and seen the perfect bathroom idea for your Tacoma home's upgrade, you may have closed the pages after receiving a cost estimate. The most attractive furnishings can be expensive.

One good incentive for committing to the project, though, is that the market may be offering irresistible deals on building materials or easy terms and low interest on financing for these projects. This is an optimal time for bathroom remodeling. You are able to secure high-end fixtures on your budget and little to no hassle when you sign for the loan to cover the costs.

Update the Look

Because a bathroom is one of the most used rooms in a house and a lower priority for remodeling than a kitchen or a bedroom, it may take some time to notice that the look of your bathroom has not kept up with the rest of your house.

Homeowners tend to use affordable fixes to give the illusion of an upgrade, such as new throw rugs, more decorative toothbrush holders and towel rings, alluring art on the walls or fanciful soap dishes. While an imaginative homeowner can go far with this approach, it will only cover so much with a dated look. The idea is to transform rather than merely cover up fixtures that are no longer in style.

Make Better Use of Space

Perhaps the door to your bathroom opens in a way that makes it tough to get out of the bathroom. The shower may be directly against an open window. The toilet is positioned directly behind the door, and anyone who bursts in on you slams you into a cramped corner. These things happen when the bathroom space has been poorly planned. There are usually no quick fixes for these kinds of problems. Most people have to find a way to live with the awkwardness or re-design the entire bathroom.

Address Plumbing or Functional Issues

The plumbing issues that require more than unclogging a drain or removing a piece of lost jewelry from a fitted pipe usually require a major overhaul. This can include replacing showers and toilets, as well as tearing down a complete wall. If you have to do this kind of deep makeover out of necessity, it is also a good time to rethink the entire bathroom layout and create the space you want through remodeling.

You may be able to put to rest your frustrations about chipped, unattractive shower tiles, loose floor boards or poorly placed window frames.

Install More Storage Space

Some bathrooms suffer from poor space design, mostly because their designers have failed to build in enough storage space for toiletries and personal items.

There are endless ways to use space hacks in the bathroom, and they work well for a while. Eventually, as you continue to create new hacks, the bathroom may start to feel a little crowded. You may be able to add lots of nooks to tuck away personal items out of sight. What you may be surrendering, though, is the space to move around in the bathroom.

Increase Your Home Value

If you are thinking of selling your Tacoma home or staying put until the market gives you better bargaining power as a seller, it may be time to remodel your bathroom. This is a way to make your space more enjoyable if you are staying and more valuable if you are trying to sell.

One of the major elements a buyer wants to see in a potential new home is a well-designed, functional bathroom where they can relax and rejuvenate after busy schedules. Offering these buyers a fresh take on bathroom space may enable you to secure higher bids for your home when you decide to sell.

Energy Efficiency

Because heating fuel and electricity costs have doubled in recent years, more people are looking at energy efficient bathroom fixtures to help offset recurring bills. The higher price of energy bills also means if you invest in more energy saving equipment for your bathroom, it will take you less time to recoup your investment. Whether you choose a more efficient water heater or faucets with automatic shut-offs, you will join the ranks of environmentally conscious homeowners who live to reduce their carbon footprint. You will be able to better regulate the temperature in your bathroom and make it more comfortable.

 Tacoma, WA bathroom remodeling 2Restore Safety

Sometimes when bathrooms are worn, chipped tile and countertops may present a safety hazard. No one wants to be the family member who continually stubs his toe on the same ragged floor tile every time he goes to the bathroom. A remodeling project allows you to address these issues.

Add Handicap Accessible or Senior Safety Features

Another aspect of safety deals with how well bathrooms accommodate homeowners and extended family as they age. Getting in and out of a shower, or on and off of a toilet, may not be possible at some ages without the assistance of a guard rail.

If all the kids are out of the house, and you and your spouse find yourself needing assistance more often, it may be time to rethink accessibility and safety for your bathroom.

To Prepare for a Market Shift

The housing market tends to shift, and sometimes that shift does not favor the homeowner. This does not mean you have to delay your remodeling project until the market turns in your favor. If you are listening to reliable predictions that forecast an impending turn, get your remodeling project done now to prepare for that turn.

Bathroom remodeling can address many different problem areas for a bathroom. It helps keep this important space functional and appealing for every member of the family. It can also drive the value of your home if you are leaning towards selling.

Before starting a remodel project in your Tacoma, WA home, consult with All Purpose Plumbing by calling (253) 473-5100 to decide firmly on a reason for remodeling and have them design everything with your concerns in mind.