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Plumbing Tips To Keep In Mind During A 4th of July Party

What better way to start off summer than to celebrate it with a party on the 4th of July? Hot food, friends and relatives, and a display of fireworks are all an exciting event. Having a party such as this at your house leads to a lot of fun and excitement but what happens if it’s met with an untimely plumbing issue?

Some plumbing problems are easy to deal with and preventative measures can be taken so you and your guests can enjoy your evening without any incidents. Here are some plumbing tips to consider in advance for your 4th of July party.

Monitor Your Kitchen Sink

kitchensink The heart of the home is the kitchen. It doesn’t matter if the event is big or small, friends and relatives love to congregate in this area.

That can change quickly if your kitchen sink begins to overflow thanks to food debris and grease clogging up the pipes. In this instance, consider installing a grease trap. Even if you have a food dispenser, the chances of a clog are still high.

After all, pipes are meant to transport little to no particles out of your home but grease wraps itself easily to your plumbing system. A grease trap is a small box intended to trap fats, oils, and grease. Installing one can ensure that your pipes won’t back up on you in any event.

Protect Your Toilet from Clogs

toiletclog A toilet clog is the worst. It can be even more awkward if a guest has to tell you that the toilet has backed up and dirty water is now all over the floor.

That’s not something you want to clean up, especially with so many people over. This is another plumbing tip to consider for your party: keep a plunger by every toilet in your home.

You and your guests will successfully avoid the awkward moment and it will keep the rest of the evening going as smooth as you intended. Best of all, if you have courteous guests, chances are they’ll resolve those nagging toilet clogs before you “discover” them after the party is over.

Locate Your Shutoff Valve

shutoffvalve Knowing where your shutoff valve is could save you lots of money from the potential water damage. This last plumbing tip is something that all hosts should be aware of.

Even if the problem isn’t because of a clog, water damage is still the main concern when issues with the plumbing happen. Your shutoff valve should be located on the wall behind the toilet.

Usually, it is the small bolt attached to the line where the toilet receives its supply of water. A clockwise turn with a wrench or your fingers will turn it off. Every make of toilet may not be the same though so it’s good to check exactly where it is.

Every 4th of July is commemorated by BBQs and fireworks. Don’t let your plumbing try to invite itself into these good times by following the plumbing tips we’ve provided for you. If you have any questions or concerns about your plumbing, call your local plumber. We can set up an appointment with you or answer your questions over the phone.