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Tips For Choosing The Right Well Pump For Your Home


Without a doubt, spring is the most attractive of all the other four seasons. While people prepare to shake away the cold weather and embrace the warmth and colors of the new season, it can be an exciting time to enjoy with friends and family.

While the outdoors enjoy the return of birds, flowers, and more refreshing beginnings, for homeowners, the warm temperatures can cause snow to melt, along with rains that can all affect your well. Unfortunately, this issue is often overlooked, putting your home at risk.

With a well pump installed, you can enjoy a steady and clean supply of water for your home. But how do you know what’s the right option for your home?

When Does a Shallow Well Jet Pump Work Best?

whatisOften known as a centrifugal pump, this type suits only shallow wells that are about 25 feet deep. The depth is useful to help generate adequate suction that lifts water up to the surface.

The smaller size makes the type cost less, while also requiring a lot less maintenance. It’s generally as a more popular choice for homes with an abundant supply of underground water or homes that require a much smaller supply.

Deeper Wells Call For Deep Well Jet Pump

idealjetpumpDeep well jet pumps are powerful and are ideal for deeper wells - generally 50 feet - that require a larger pump to provide for your home.

They have a two pipe constriction; one pipe helps in suction while the other forces water to run the jet units.

Whether you have an older home or a much deeper well, these well jet pumps can keep your home running with a steady supply of water.

How do Deep Well Submersible Pumps Work?

submersiblepumpSubmersible pumps are the most popular choice among the well pumps. The main feature that makes them so popular is that you can use it in both deep and shallow boreholes as it gets installed below the water level.

The pressure tank helps draw water into one pipe that is connected to your well and home. You can easily pull up enough water to supply your home while having easy access for repairs. Since pushing water is more efficient than pulling it, you will experience fewer problems and more energy efficient operation.

Also, as an underwater unit, the water tightness ensures no electrical contact to your water source. With the start of the blooming season, it means plenty of colors and tons of outdoor and indoor activities are expected.

Just as you would take your time to find the perfect one for your home, the same goes for your well pump. Whether you have an old well pump, are looking for an upgrade, or simply want to know more about how your system works, All Purpose Plumbing is here to help.

Gives us a call at (253) 473-5100 and enjoy top rated well services in the Tacoma area. We can make the entire process easy, ensuring that you enjoy your home and the beautiful season, with no distractions.