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10 Ways to Update the Look and Feel of Your Bathroom


Tacoma PlumberFor many people looking to update their bathrooms, it may seem like a monumental task. But there are steps you can take to upgrade the look and feel of your bathroom without taking a massive hit at the bank.

The following ten steps are ways to do just that. You'd be amazed at the difference a little work can make to turn your bathroom into a nice, cozy retreat.

1) Have your hardware updated. One of the best ways to update the flow of your bathroom is getting rid of the traditional cabinet hardware and replacing it with something more exotic. For example, having the knobs brushed bronze or silver or replacing them entirely.

2) Change your faucets. Your faucets are likely the most used of all the utilities in the bathroom. The good news is they come in so many different shapes, sizes, and styles that can easily fit personality of your family. Having a new faucet installed to replace an old, out of style unit is a great way to update the bathroom.

3) Have your shower heads replaced. Much like your faucet, you can have your shower head replaced, which is not only a good design touch, but can also make your shower time more enjoyable as there is a wide variety of shower head types to choose from.

4) Have the bathroom hardware changed. The typical bathroom is not complete without towel bars, hooks, and a place to hold the toilet paper. Changing up the design and even color of these, as well as color-coordinating a set of new, fluffy towels to match the hardware, can have a pleasing impact on overall design.

5) Getting the light fixtures updated. A great way to effect the mood and feel of your bathroom is to updating the lighting and lighting fixtures to create a nice ambiance. Perfect if you love nice, relaxing baths.

6) Have your walls painted. Along with changing the lighting, the color and design of the walls around you can really set the mood in any room, including your bathroom. It also helps the other updates that were made pop.

7) Have your fan updated. Bathroom fans are a necessity to help keep out unwanted odor and moisture. There are multiple models and designs that will allow the fan to do its job while being fashionable at the same time.

Tacoma Bathroom Remodeling8) Have your vanity top redone. Having the texture of your sink/vanity changed really is a great way to add more depth and update the colors.

9) Have the vanity itself redone. Any remodeling project will benefit by having all the cabinets updated. Many options exist, from having old ones refinished and painted, to just adding brand new cabinets.

10) Have your toilet replaced. Today's toilets are more than just functional. A wide variety exists to offer a beautiful style to really impact the appearance of your bathroom.

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