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Stains on Tile and How to Remove Them

Tacoma PlumberWhy are There Water Stains on my Tub and Tile?

Many people notice that their beautiful tiles and brand new tubs are stained. The fact is that most tubs and tile accumulate stains over the years.

The average person gets very frustrated, and they do not know the correct method to remove the stains and stop them from reappearing again.

Certainly, the stains gross people out, and they rush to the store to purchase the first cleanser they see. However, there are natural solutions that they could easily use that would not damage their tub or tile.

What Causes Water Stains

Many customers ask us the same question. The questions and concerns are water stains in bathrooms. They wonder what causes the stains and is there an easy way to stop the water stains. Water stains are caused by hard water. Hard water is filled with minerals. For example, minerals like calcium and magnesium.

Those chemicals are absorbed by the water before entering the home. Hard water makes it extremely difficult for tile cleansers or tub cleansers to work effectively.

Thus, reducing the products, and the cleansing power. Furthermore, hard water is responsible for causing mineral build-up in pipes, sinks, tubs, toilets, and even on tile. Therefore, it takes an extra strong product to remove those water stains.

Certainly, the product purchased in the store are not as effective as the tools and solutions that your professional plumber uses to remove water stains. Plumbers are able to identify the stain and use the proper solution to quickly and effectively remove any type of stains.

Removing Water Stains

The key to removing water stains off of tile or a tub is to act fast. Don't let the stains simply remain there for days.

Tacoma Tub-StainsLetting the stains remain for even a few days allows time for the stains really settle in the tiles or tub. The longer the stains remain, the harder they will be to remove.

Soon as you spot a stain, get to work. Either buy a cleaner at the store or contact a professional plumber to remove the stains before they ruin the tile or tub.

Anyone that is worried about rust or water stains on their tile or tub should contact a plumber immediately.

Trying to get rid of those awful stains in your Tacoma home? Call All Purpose Plumbing at (253) 473-5100 today and see how we can help!