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Difference Between Hard Water and Soft Water

Hard water causes significant issues with water utilizing appliances in homes and businesses. The only method of correcting this problem is by consulting professional plumbing companies to install a water softening system. The type depends on particular circumstances.

Tacoma, WA Water Softener ServicesHowever, by hiring local competent plumbers from the local area, they will be able to direct the Tacoma homeowner to the proper devices based on many different criteria.

These companies understand the local issues, so this information will be readily available from them.

Hard water has a large quantity of dissolved minerals, but these minerals do not pose a health threat to people that drink hard water.

What is Hard Water?

The mineral content makes it desirable for certain bottled mineral waters, but it is hard water’s reaction to soap that makes it wholly unsuitable for use in water-utilizing appliances.

Additionally, hard water causes piping to clog much sooner than soft or softened water because hard water cannot efficiently dissolve soaps and greases.

This means that Tacoma homes that do not treat the problem will eventually end up repairing or replacing every pipe in the home, and water utilizing appliances like dish and clothes washers as well as kitchen and bathroom fixtures, and even hot water heaters.

What is Softened Water?

Softening water involves appliances that exchange the added dissolved load of calcium and magnesium with metal cations. Softened water prevents the slimy feeling from soaps and shampoos that are not as easily rinsed free when the water is still hard.

Even the usage of detergents and soap is lessened because softened water utilizes these products more efficiently. Hair and clothing are both negatively impacted by hard water, and the issue also causes the proliferation of immovable scale and rust deposits on anywhere that hard water impacts. This means that windows will eventually be irreparably clouded as well as sinks and bathtubs.

Other Issues with Hard Water

With lime, scale and rust deposits, there are many products on the market that tout the ability to clean the deposits, but none of them completely eliminate the deposits, and the issue continues to multiply as long as hard water is utilized in the home or building. It is not a minor issue.

Hard water will cause thousands of dollars in damage over the lifetime of the dwelling. This is a hidden cost of purchasing in an area with hard water if no water softening appliances are installed, so the costs of investing in these water softening appliances pays for itself.

Consult a licensed, professional plumber in your area to explain further.

Knowing the differences between hard & soft water in your Tacoma, WA home is important. For more info, call All Purpose Plumbing at (253) 473-5100 today!