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How to Drain Your Water Heater, and Why?

This may come as a surprise to some homeowners, but most water heater manufacturers recommend draining out your water heater at least once a year. There is a very good reason for doing this, and it will dramatically extend the life of the water heater in your Tacoma home.

Tacoma, WA | Water Heater ServicesBuild-Up of Sediment

Dirt, sand and minerals tend to build up in a water heater over time. This is true regardless of whether you use city water or are hooked up to a well. This doesn’t generally pose any risk as far as drinking, but the accumulation of sediment can pose serious problems for your water heater.

The reason is this: as sediment builds up in your water heater, it has to work harder to heat and pump water.

This is a problem for two reasons. First, it can place a lot of strain on your heater, reducing its effective lifespan. Second, it means the water heater is using more energy, which can cost the homeowner money.

Hire a Professional

Draining a water heater is an involved process and should be undertaken by a professional. If you attempt to do it yourself, you run the risk of burning yourself on scalding water. It can also make a terrible mess if handled incorrectly, so make sure you hire a reliable plumber.

Remember to plan ahead. The water heater has to cool before it is drained, and you will not be able to access hot water during this process.

Draining the Heater

Once the heater has cooled, the plumber will turn off the intake valve for the heater and remove any excess water. Help the plumber locate the nearest outdoor drain, as this is the best place to transfer the water.

The plumber will pour some of the water in a bucket to determine the amount of sediment that has collected. This is important because it tells the plumber whether or not the system needs to be flushed. If the build-up is excessive, it may be prudent to consider draining the heater twice a year. It is cheaper to hire a Tacoma plumber than to replace a water heater.

You Deserve the Best

When you hire a professional, you deserve the best Tacoma, WA has to offer. Call All Purpose Plumbing a call at (253) 473-5100 for all your water heater and plumbing needs.