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Reasons to Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions to Unclog Your Drain


Clogged toiletOf course, you want to clean out your drain so it doesn't cause flooding or other problems in your bathroom. However, you'll definitely want to avoid using chemicals in the draining process. Why? It can be hazardous to your health and your family's health. If you're unsure of what this means, here are some reasons why chemical draining may not be the best solution for your clog.

Chemical cleaners aren't good for the environment. If you're an earth friendly kind of person, realize that these chemicals drain into pipes and go into water where there's sea life. You'd be doing your part in destroying the ecosystem. Also, you can be contaminating your own water that use for yourself for bathing or drinking purposes. This is not the only reason why you should stop using chemical draining products to unclog your sink or your tub.

Realize that your pets and your family are also affected by your usage of chemicals. These chemicals can easily become air born. If you have any small pets, you need them to stay away from these chemicals because they can cause serious damage to their eyes, ears, and even nose. You can easily inhale the fumes from these products and they can at least cause some serious sinus problems. It's wise to avoid these types of items because of the carcinogens which can get in the air and really bring down the air quality of your home.

Another reason why you should avoid chemicals is because they can damage the finish of your drains and other fixtures. Remember, these chemicals are very strong and break through your pipes, which can cause leaks. Additionally, these chemicals need to be replaced. It can get very costly down the road. Instead of using chemical cleaners, why not invest in a plunger or a snake that can get things like hair and scum out of drains. It's a lot more effective and it's a lot cheaper.

Be careful using solutions to clear your drain. Try to do it using safer means and get a professional in a more serious manner.

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