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Benefits of having a garbage disposal in your kitchen


Benefits of having a garbage disposal in your kitchenAre you in the market to buy a new garbage disposal? Perhaps you are looking to replace an old or broken unit. You may be wondering why you need a garbage disposal in the first place. After all, it's just as easy to throw food in the garbage can, right?
There are a lot of good reasons why it makes sense to own a disposal. One big reason is it cuts down on waste. Less trash in our landfills means less decomposing as well as less methane gas from food waste that sits. You also risk attracting various animals and rodents when you place your garbage cans outside. On top of that, garbage can be an eye sore.
How many times has your sink been clogged from trapped pieces of food? This can be costly if you are not able to unclog the drain yourself and call a plumber. Food that is ground passes easily through your pipes. Your kitchen will be sanitary and smell a lot better than it would with garbage left sitting in a can. There is nothing worse then a stinky garbage can, especially on those occasions when you have company.
How much to you figure you spend on trash back each week? That cost can really add up. With less food to throw away, you will save on the number of bags you use weekly. Less food waste equals fewer trash bags. Most trash bags are not biodegradable, and therefore bad for the environment.
Worried about the cost of running the unit? You'll be surprised to know that the cost is relatively minimal.Only about 1% of your water consumption is used. Your electrical costs are minimal as well. Therefore you will save money in the long run.
Maintaining a disposal is quite simple. A little baking soda helps keep them clean and odors at bay. Adding ice cubes every now and then helps to keep the blades sharp. If you're ready to enjoy the benefits of having a garbage disposal in your Tacoma kitchen then give us a call at (253) 473-5100 and set up an appointment today!