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What Are the Top 10 Reasons Why a Toilet Clogs?


Tacoma PlumberWhen you are dealing with clogged toilets in the house, you must remember that there are many causes for clogs. Read through the ten reasons below to see which category you might fall under.
It is good to have this information when you contact your plumber for assistance with any kind of toilet clog.

1. Too Much Paper

When people use too much toilet paper or flush paper towels, the toilet can clog easily. Some families even put a sign by the toilet requesting that only a few sheets of toilet paper be used.

2. Clogs In The System

There could be standing clogs in the system that are now causing your toilet to clog. This is why the system must be snaked regularly.

3. The Toilet

It is possible that the toilet is not flushing strongly enough to prevent the toilet from clogging. If the flow is poor, you will need to have the toilet fixed.

4. The Pipes

It is possible that the pipes in your house are not allowing for proper flow. When you do not have proper flow in the pipes, it is hard for you to keep the toilet from clogging.

5. Sewer Line Issues

If your sewer line is clogged, that clog could eventually make its way back into the house. The clog could stop your toilet from functioning, but the problem is much deeper.

6. Broken Interior Components

When your toilet is not flushing well, it is possible that the interior components of the toilet are not working well. This will cause the toilet to not flush very well.

7. Low Water Pressure

Clogged toiletIf the water pressure is low in the house, it is hard for the toilet to supply enough water to flush properly. This could cause something that looks like a clog.

8. Old Toilets

Sometimes the old toilets in the house are not going to flush well because they need to be replaced. Replacing the toilet will help it flush properly.

9. Broken Handle

If the handle does not provide enough pressure when you flush, you could have a clog that is caused by lack of water flow.

10. The Valve

The valve on the bottom of the toilet may not function properly. If it is not functioning properly, it could prevent enough water from getting into the toilet.

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