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The Top 5 Plumbing Myths

We all grow up hearing about superstitions and old wives tales. For the most part these are just odd beliefs and rare occurrences. Then there are the plumbing myths. Believing these plumbing myths can cause you a lot of trouble and be costly.

Tacoma plumbing_services_360Here is a look at some common plumbing misconceptions and myths and why failing to distinguish fact from fiction can pack a punch to your wallet. Understanding the difference between what is true and what is not where your plumbing is concerned could come down to dollars and sense.

The Drain Isn't Clogged If Things Are Still Going Down

False. Things may be going down but that doesn't mean they are going down the way they should are going where they should go. There are some thing to look out for that can indicated you do indeed have a clog drain.

Consider if water is going down slowly. This could indicate that things are sticking and coating your pipes. This build up of debris, hair, oil, and starches occurs naturally and over time. Unchecked, this can cause you big problems with a clogged drain.

Small Leaks Are No Big Problem

False. Small leaks can turn into big problems with a big expense. Small leaks can be waste water which can not only affect your Tacoma utility bill but damage your fixtures.

If It Goes Down When You Flush It's Flushable

False. Truly body waste and toilet tissue are the only things you should be flushing down your toilet. Forget flushable wipes and anything else that will down. Just because it goes down doesn't mean it will it will make it to the sewer. These can do not break down and can clog your line.

Lemons Work Wonders For Freshening Your Garbage Disposal

There is no denying that lemons smell wonderful but they can damage your disposal blades and corrosion to the metal inside your disposal. Lemon peels can also cause your disposal or drain to clog.

Any Plumber Can Fix Your Plumbing Problems

Not necessarily so. While a Tacoma professional plumber should be knowledgeable, skilled, and capable all plumbers are not the same. You would be well advised to do some research before hiring a professional plumber. Ask for people you know and trust if they can recommend a plumber or use the BBB or state boards to ensure you are hiring a plumber who is well educated and qualified in the field.

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