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How to Prevent a Garbage Disposal Disaster During Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, many families across the United States are feverishly planning their holiday feasts. But even the best laid plans can come crashing down if an unforeseen garbage disposal disaster strikes! Set yourself up for success this Thanksgiving by following a few simple tips to keep the disposal in your Tacoma home running at maximum capacity, no matter how many turkey trimmings you throw its way.

Tip #1 - Give Your Garbage Disposal a Little "TLC" Before Thanksgiving

Tacoma, WA Garbage Disposal ServicesGarbage disposals need love, too. It won't take more than a few minutes to run through a quick maintenance routine that will greatly improve your disposal's performance on the big day.

First, squeeze a few drops of regular dish soap into your garbage disposal. Second, run some cold water and switch your disposal on for about one minute. This will clean your disposal and loosen up any food buildup that may have accumulated over time. It will also help to prevent your disposal from clogging up on Thanksgiving Day, when it is likely to see a lot of action.

Tip #2 - Be Kind When You Grind

Think of your garbage disposal like a trusty side-kick, not a superhero. Cut up large pieces of food into smaller chunks that your disposal can more easily break down. Think: turkey nugget instead of the whole turkey thigh.

Also, throw in some egg shells and small animal bones from time to time over the course of your Thanksgiving preparations. This will create a sort of scouring effect that will clean the walls of your disposal and reduce the likelihood of clogs. Make sure to throw only brittle ORGANIC matter into your disposal. If you try to throw plastic, glass or paper in with those egg shells it can seriously damage your disposal instead of cleaning it.

Tip #3 - Remember That All Liquids Are Not Created Equal

Your Tacoma garbage disposal has preferences, and if you respect them it will repay you by not breaking down in the middle of your Thanksgiving celebration. Run lots of cold water when your disposal is switched on, as this will harden any grease that sneaks into your unit. Do not run hot water, as it will liquify any stowaway grease in your disposal and cause buildup. Try your best to keep grease as far away from your disposal as possible, as it wreaks havoc by way of clogged drains.

Don't get clogged up this Thanksgiving in your Tacoma, WA home, call All Purpose Plumbing today at (253) 473-5100.