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How to Prevent Burst Pipes in the Winter 

Plumbing in a home is generally very reliable, often lasting for decades with no problems or very few. However, such a complex system presents a unique set of challenges to keep it running through the years. One of the challenges faced by homeowners when it comes to the reliability of their plumbing is protecting their property from burst pipes. 

Burst pipes are a huge plumbing problem that can cause major damage including flooding and structural damage to a home. These emergencies often occur with little or no warning and can cause massive damage in a very short time. Protecting the home from burst pipes should be something every homeowner knows how to do. Here are the three most common causes of burst pipes in the home and how to prevent each one. 

Pipes Freezing 

freezing With winter rolling in, the main cause of burst pipes for the next few months will be from freezing. When pipes freeze, tremendous pressure is exerted on the pipe's interior walls. The expansion of the water can easily burst the pipe causing rapid flooding. Frozen pipes can be a major concern because cold nights can come without warning and unexpectedly freeze vulnerable pipes. 

 Luckily, preventing frozen pipes is easy. Foam and fiberglass insulation are the two main tools used to prevent frozen pipes. Both offer extreme protection from piping that is routinely exposed to the cold. Before winter starts, homeowners should take a few minutes to inspect their property for vulnerable piping or damaged pipe insulation. If problems are found, they can easily install pipe insulation themselves or call a plumber to help. 

Decay and Corrosion of Pipes 

corrosion Burst pipes can happen any time of year and result from the slow march of time. In any plumbing system, pipes are subject to decay and corrosion resulting from UV light, chemical corrosion, or simple wear and tear. Eventually, the pipes can't handle the pressure, and they burst. Luckily, these types of burst pipes are avoidable by employing strategies like: 

  • Avoiding chemical drain cleaners
  • Scheduling plumbing inspection to look for signs of corrosion
  • Always hiring professionals for pipe repairs
  • Updating old metal pipe to more resilient plastic options
  • Installing water softeners to remove ions that contribute to corrosion 

Clogged Pipes 

The final problem that can cause a burst pipe is clogged pipes. Clogged pipes are generally found in a home's sewer and drain system, meaning that when these pipes burst, the messes are truly horrifying. Clogged pipes occur in sewer lines when clogs are allowed to form due to improper handling of:

These items contribute greatly to clogs, but one can easily handle them with plumbing experts' routine drain cleaning. Routine drain cleaning allows plumbers to clean drains before they clog, preventing nasty messes and nasty burst pipes. 

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