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An Inside Look at Your Bathtub Plumbing

While most homes have bathtubs, many people put very little thought into how hard their tubs actually work. The plumbing involved can get fairly complex, so having a small base of knowledge about how bathtub plumbing works is important for any homeowner who has one in their home. Read on for a quick overview of the general plumbing system in a home, and how it specifically relates to the bathroom and bathtub.

The Overall Plumbing System in Your Home

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Although many people take it for granted, the home’s plumbing system works very hard behind the scenes. Not only does it supply fresh water to the house, but it also removes wastewater as well. The water supply in the home will come from a pipe connected to the water main (which belongs to the city) or from a private well. It generally enters the home through the main water supply line, commonly in the basement. 

When the water enters the home, it is under pressure. That pressure helps propel it through the pipes and up to other levels of the home, around corners, etc. The water then uses the natural force of gravity to move it back down and out of the house. 

The water from the main branches off to supply the rooms in the home that need it - the laundry room, kitchen, and bathroom specifically. 

Bathroom Plumbing Design 


When it comes to plumbing, every room in the house requires its own specific care and maintenance. The bathroom is no different. In fact, in most homes, the bathroom has the most drains and plumbing fixtures of the entire home!

The water supply for the bathroom comes from pipes that branch off the main water supply line. It is removed from the bathroom via the drain, waste, and vent system. While it may sound odd for a vent system to be involved with plumbing, adding air into the pipes helps push solid waste through the pipes.

The higher number of pipes and fixtures in the bathroom means that having a clog or a plumbing issue there at some point is much more likely than in any other area of the home.

What Goes Into Your Bathtub Plumbing?

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When it comes to the plumbing in the bathroom, the bathtub is one of the most intricate fixtures. Part of what makes the bathtub so tricky is that it contains multiple types of fixtures. 

First, there are the faucets, which turn the water on and off and allow you to set their preferred temperature for your bath. Faucets come in two types - compression (two handles) and cartridge (one handle).  

Then there is the tub spout. This is where the water comes out to fill the tub. There are also two drains - one on the tub floor to remove the used water and one high up near the tub spout to stop it from overflowing.

There are also parts of bathtub plumbing that aren’t seen. Supply pipes (which run behind the wall) and drain pipes (under the tub) are equally important when it comes to keeping everything running smoothly. While older homes have pipes made of cast iron or brass, many are now made of lighter materials like PVC pipe.

Make sure to have the bathroom maintained by a plumber on a regular basis to keep it in tip-top shape.

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