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Don't Forget To Add Drain Cleaning To the Spring Cleaning Checklist!

Spring is an excellent time to declutter, do a deep cleaning, and get entertainment ready for those spring and summertime parties! While it may be pretty obvious to people to clean floors, cabinets, and baseboards during their spring cleaning sessions, homeowners should be aware not to neglect spring cleaning their drainage systems too.

Cold, harsh winters take a significant toll on plumbing. It's wise to do a thorough check of all plumbing fixtures, from freezing pipes to leaking toilets, once the snow has melted and spring has sprung.

The four main compartments all homeowners will need to check are the following:

  1. Water heaters
  2. Sinks
  3. Toilets
  4. Sump pumps

drain cleaning Why Drain Cleaning Is Important

People don't usually think twice about what they throw down their drains and pipes. The kitchen sink is a culprit for leftover food and grease from cooking. Taking a shower can create buildup in drains from hair, soap, and dirt. Scheduling a routine drain cleaning will aid in minimizing any future problems and damage to a home.

Drain cleaning can be bothersome to homeowners, and they may even neglect this chore, but the benefits of regular drain cleaning can have significant outcomes. Below are a few benefits to consider:

  1. Increase drain's lifespan
  2. Gets rid of foul odors
  3. Makes for faster drainage
  4. Helps reduce expensive repairs

Professional Methods of Drain Cleaning


When professionals clean drains, they must do it effectively and safely. Meaning they do not leave any toxins from the chemicals used and protect the interior of the plumbing. Below are some of the methods professionals perform when cleaning drains:

  1. Motorized drain snakes operate as a long sturdy wire that will break through dirt, mud, leaves, or anything else that becomes clogged in a drain and separates it apart enough to clear.
  2. Hydro-jetting is a device that blows hot and pressured water through a pipe to remove any debris.

How To Keep Drains Clean Between Professional Cleanings

When it comes time to clean the drains between professional appointments, homeowners should ensure that they're using a biodegradable and gentle cleaner.

  1. Homeowners should be mindful of what goes down the pipes. In the kitchen, they shouldn't throw coffee grounds, grease, or food down the drain.
  2. Some people live by drain gates or screens, and they are relatively easy to find and purchase.
  3. Homeowners should regularly check drain stoppers for any hair, soap, food, or other buildups.
  4. Running boiling water will help clear any buildup and can be done every week.
  5. Homeowners should avoid putting any over-the-counter chemical cleaners down the drain, as they can cause issues with the pipes.

Most chemical drain cleaners include toxic and skin-damaging chemicals. However, the level of chemicals inside this product is necessary to appropriately clean pipes and drains. This is often the "trade-off" from DIY or having a professional come in.

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