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It’s Easy To Be Thankful for These Essential Services Plumbers Provide

Thanksgiving is all about spending time with family, eating delicious food, and of course, finding things to be grateful for. Modern plumbing is one thing every homeowner can be grateful for - after all, many people throughout the world don’t have access to indoor plumbing or even flush toilets. But as essential as today’s home plumbing systems are, what about the people who maintain them and work on them when there’s a problem? Read on for three key examples of why professional plumbers are worth being thankful for!

Repairs for Clogged Toilets toilet

A clogged toilet is one of those plumbing issues that every homeowner dreads - and it’s also one of the most common. In some cases, it might just take a plunger and a little elbow grease to solve the problem. But sometimes, no home remedy seems to make it budge, and some can even make matters worse (chemical drain cleaners, too much force with the plunger, etc.).

That’s where a pro plumber comes in. They can diagnose the issue and find the appropriate solution without doing further damage to the plumbing. A pro has the tools and expertise to resolve the problem quickly and safely, whether the issue is a lodged object just below the bowl or a buildup of gunk deep down in the sewer line. They can also ensure it’s not a symptom of a larger problem with the home’s plumbing system.

Services for Water Heaters water heater

Plumbers are usually known for fixing clogged toilets or other common crises. Still, they also provide a range of services for another key aspect of a home’s plumbing system - the water heater. They can perform in-depth maintenance to keep the home’s water heater functioning efficiently and extend its lifespan.

Of course, if the unit goes on the fritz, they can also perform water heater repairs quickly to ensure the household doesn’t have to suffer through cold showers for days or weeks. When the time comes to replace that old clunker with a more energy-efficient conventional or tankless water heater, a pro can help pick out the perfect unit and ensure the installation process is done right.

Services for Sewer Lines

The sewer lines that connect a home’s wastewater drainage system to the city sewer main are vital to the home’s plumbing system. And when something goes wrong with them, DIY fixes are typically not viable - especially since they’re buried underground. Over time, they can become clogged with grease and debris, be infiltrated by tree roots, or get damaged due to erosion, age, or shifting earth.

Plumbing contractors use special equipment to clear obstructions (even tree roots) from sewer lines and make necessary repairs. And when repairs aren’t possible, they can handle the massive, messy task of replacing them. They can also perform regular preventive maintenance like inspections and sewer line cleaning to keep them flowing freely and catch any issues early. 

Of course, these are just a few of the services plumbers offer, but it’s easy to see why every homeowner should give thanks to their friendly local plumber this fall!

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