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Turn the Bathroom Into a Valentine's Day Oasis 

Whether people are single or couples are looking for something different to do, Valentine's Day tends to be just stressful enough to stifle creativity. With the added stress of trying to avoid Valentine's Day activities or find one for a significant other to enjoy, maybe it's best if everyone can take a moment and relax. 

Singles can head into their bathrooms this year for a relaxing spa experience, and couples can avoid the fray clogging up restaurants. The real place of entertainment is already at home, and it can be a truly memorable experience with the right elements. Here are a few tips from local experts about transforming the bathroom into an oasis. Follow this simple advice to have a relaxing and unifying holiday without the cost and stress of charging into the Valentine's Day crowds.  

Relax in the Bathtub 

bath One of the best ways to relax and leave the world outside is to lock the bathroom and take a long, hot bath. Not only do baths feel good, but they have measurable benefits like:

  • Improving circulation
  • Reducing blood pressure
  • Lowering stress
  • Speeding healing
  • Improved sleep
  • Pain alleviation

A bath can be a great activity for singles and couples alike. To make it a special occasion, add something extra. Bath salts containing essential oils and minerals are a great way to enhance relaxation. Numerous studies show the benefits of bathing with bath salts. In addition to bath salts, essential oils can be added to bathwater or nearby diffusers. Adding essential oils into a bathtime routine offers aromatherapy, a powerful stress buster, to speed relaxation. 

Try a Little Chromatherapy 

Baths and aromatherapy are popular for relaxation and can easily be incorporated into the bathroom to make every bathing experience unique and pleasurable. One such practice that is underappreciated is called chromatherapy. Chromatherapy uses different wavelengths of light to support different goals of bathtime. Research shows that the human brain responds differently to different colors of light. For example, yellows and oranges motivate and energize, while cool hues like blue and purple relieve stress and slow the brain down. 

Integrating chromatherapy into a Valentine's Day routine is as easy as installing LED lights that can be controlled for color. With relaxing overhead lighting, everyone can enjoy the bathroom as much as a health spa. 

Relax Under a Rain Shower 

shower The things that help relieve stress are often found in the natural world. For example, what is more, relaxing than a rain shower? The sounds and smells are natural ways to release endorphins and relax away stress, and now this force of nature can be accessed in every home. 

By installing a new showerhead, homeowners can take advantage of the sounds and feel warm rainwater cascading from the skies. Rainfall showerheads are relatively inexpensive and can provide years of relaxing service. In addition to getting a new showerhead, homeowners can shop for options like built-in LED lights and speakers to play soothing music. 

About All Purpose Plumbing

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