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The 3 Burning Questions Every Plumbing System Wants To Be Asked

The modern home plumbing system is used constantly throughout the day. Whether it's the sink, toilet, shower, fridge, dishwasher, or laundry, homeowners rely on their plumbing system all day, every day. One great way to maintain a plumbing system is with routine maintenance, but there are three facts about plumbing issues and plumbing history that will provide homeowners with a little insight. At the very least, this information is sure to provide some appreciation for the modern plumbing system, which on Valentine's Day, is just what the doctor ordered.

Where Did the Nickname, "The John" Come From?

Some say there are references to the toilet as "Cousin John" in the early 1500s. However, most people consider the term to derive from Sir John Harrington


Sir John Harrington was seemingly a writer by trade. He published many noteworthy pieces, but he is most famously remembered for inventing and manufacturing the first flushing toilet. Although there are references to flushing toilets as far back as 2600 BC, this is why most people remember the nickname forming. 

He even wrote a book about his invention, titled "A New Discourse Upon A Stale Subject: The Metamorphosis of Ajax." 

His invention included: 

  • The user pulled the cord
  • The cord opened up the "water closet"
  • Water rushed out
  • The waste washed away

Does the Equator Affect Water Rotation?

Another common folklore about plumbing is that when a person flushes their toilet, the water will rotate in a specific direction depending on where the homeowner lives regarding the equator. 

It is said that those above the equator, the water rotates clockwise when the toilet flushes. Those below the equator experience the opposite. This little known phenomenon is called the Coriolis Effect

However, plumbers will say that the water rotation depends on the toilet itself. Some toilets rotate one way, and some the other way. 

How Much Water Gets Wasted By a Leaky Faucet? faucet

Leaky faucets aren't an immediate threat to the overall plumbing system, so homeowners tend to hold off on repairing them. However, leaky faucets have their own set of cons. They will rack up the water bill in no time at all. That said, it also depends on how big the leak is. 

Regardless, homeowners are sure to waste money on water if they don't fix their leaky faucets. This is especially true if more than one faucet in the home leaks. 

Still, on average, a leaky faucet will cost the homeowner around 3,000 gallons a year. To put it into perspective, this equates to around 180 showers. 

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