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Toilet Won’t Flush? Don’t Worry - Try These 3 Tricks

Everyone will probably experience a toilet that will not flush at some point in their life. There are many reasons why a toilet may not be flushing, but whatever the reason, there are real hazards involved with a toilet that won’t flush so it should be addressed the right way.

In this article, an overview is given on the most efficient ways to prevent this from happening. Investing in regular maintenance from local plumbing experts including drain cleaning services can save money in repairs to unclog a toilet.

Professional Hydrojetting Services

pressured water In addition to regular cleaning and maintenance of the toilet, one way to prevent clogs from happening is to do regular hydrojetting. One of the most common causes for a toilet that will not flush is a blockage in the sewer lines or plumbing system.

Hydrojetting involves using high-pressure water to remove blockages from the pipes or sewer lines. This is extremely safe and effective when done by a trained plumbing professional.

Drain cleaning services such as hydrojetting prevent blockages in the pipes and sewer lines by removing debris that can build up naturally over time. If there are tree roots present in the pipes, hydrojetting can cause further damage which is why it is important to trust a reputable professional only to perform hydrojetting services.

Is The Water Level Right?

Some may not know that the water level in the toilet is imperative to its flushing functionality. If there is not enough water in the toilet bowl there will not be enough pressure for the toilet to flush properly. If this is the case, sometimes the toilet can be flushed simply by adding more water to the bowl.

water level

However, if this is a persistent problem, it may be because the toilet does not have adequate water pressure. it could be that additional plumbing alterations need to be made to the bathroom in order to provide the toilet with consistent adequate water pressure. The toilet water level in the bowl can be raised or lowered via a valve by a plumber to ensure that it is at the optimal level for the water pressure of the toilet.

Fixing a Broken Flush Handle

flush handleIf the flush lever or handle for the toilet is broken or lose it may not flush properly. Sometimes the flush handle is an easy fix, but to avoid causing damage to the toilet and lever and possibly voiding the factory warranty it is best to leave repairs up to a professional plumber.

The methods used to fix a broken flush handle can vary depending on how old the toilet is and what kind of handle or lever it employs to flush the toilet. One of the best ways to fix a broken flush handle is to simply replace it.

Like all the parts of a machine, eventually, this part will become old and worn. Replacing a broken flush handle can be a simple and fast fix that will solve the problem of a toilet that will not flush.

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