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Dripping Faucets: A Homeowner’s Frustration

Dripping faucets are often the bane of homeowners. Just when appliances are set up and faucets are installed, it seems that leaks inevitably spring up within the plumbing system. Dripping and leaking can occur in any faucet, from your kitchen sink and your bathrooms to your outdoor faucets that connect to garden hoses. Not only are in-home leaks annoying, but they are also a significant problem that can lead to damage if left alone long enough. In this article, you’ll learn how damaging a dripping faucet can be.

A Leaky Kitchen Sink

kitchen sink Kitchen sinks are a common cause of dripping water. Over time, hard water and minerals can build up in the faucet of a kitchen sink. When the water shutoff valve gets encrusted with minerals, it won’t entirely shut off water flow, allowing a small amount of water to leak through and create a drip.

Fixing a dripping faucet is doable and thankfully not that difficult. It will entail removing your faucet and removing the overly mineralized pieces inside, however, so you will need to shut the water off at the sink to prevent flooding while you fix it. Once you’ve shut the water off and removed the faucet of your sink, you’ll be able to access the corroded pieces. These you can replace by getting parts at a hardware store.

Bathroom Plumbing Issues

The bathroom is another common source of frustration when it comes to leaky faucets. The kitchen and bathrooms get used frequently and because of this are often subject to more wear and tear. The bathroom is a common source of leaks because of this usage. Similar to kitchen sinks, mineral deposits can build up inside the faucet and cause water to escape through the faucet, forming the dripping every homeowner has come to hate.

bathroom leaks

In order to fix this issue, you’ll need to shut off the water at the sink and remove the faucet. Damaged, corroded, or heavily mineralized pieces can be easily replaced with new parts from a hardware store. In all, fixing your faucet should take you around an hour from start to finish.

Those Leaks Can Increase Your Water Bill

increased water bill A dripping faucet in kitchens, sinks, and other faucets is one of the biggest culprits of increased water bills. A common area often overlooked is drips coming from basins and wash areas in garages, as well.

Combined, these three faucets can leak gallons of water every day just from a simple drip. If left long enough, a drip will always get worse. While a dripping faucet might begin with a drop an hour, it will progress to several drops every minute and eventually you won’t be able to get your faucet to shut off right.

Rather than fiddle with hoping to hit the one spot your faucet can still slow the water, it’s smarter to fix the dripping before it becomes a major leak. Dripping faucets will never get better on their own and your water bill will hurt because of it.

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