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Do You Know Why Drain Cleaning Is So Important?

The plumbing system is a necessity in the modern home. Without it, life wouldn’t be the same. It is only right that homeowners do their best to ensure their plumbing system is always cared for. They can do this in several ways, including regularly scheduled maintenance. When a professional maintains a home’s plumbing system twice a year, it is easier to spot when problems could occur. Part of maintenance is getting professional drain cleaning. 

This service has a multitude of benefits. Homeowners need to know these benefits to ensure their plumbing system stays safe and efficient all year round. Continue reading below for more information. 

Faster Drains = Fewer Clogs

Home piping systems are quite narrow. Homeowners might be wondering why, especially if that means it leads to more clogging. The plumbing system requires a long line of pipes, though. If the pipes were any bigger, they wouldn’t necessarily fit within the home. 

Regardless, professional drain cleaning is the best way to ensure that pipes stay clear all year long. In turn, the homeowner experiences fewer clogs. Not only that, but professional drain cleaning keeps the pipes free of any tree roots. When tree roots grow into the piping system, it significantly comprises the integrity of the system as a whole. 

No More Odors or Repairs

The worst thing about odors is that homeowners become nose-blind to them. If the pipes gradually get more and more build-up, the homeowner might not notice the smell. That is until the odor gets out of hand. At that point, it is nearly impossible to rid the home of odors completely without a professional drain cleaning. 

bad smell

Arguably the greatest benefit of professional drain cleaning, though, is that it reduces the number of repairs the plumbing system needs throughout its life. If a plumbing system doesn’t need much repair, it works efficiently and saves money over time.

The Risks of Liquid Drain Solutions


Running to the local store and picking up a fresh bottle of liquid drain solution might seem like the more convenient option, especially if the home is experiencing a severe clog. However, professional plumbers couldn’t think of anything worse a homeowner could do to their plumbing system. They are better off waiting until a professional can take a look, even if that means the risk of water damage in the home. Why are liquid drain solutions so bad?

Here are a few reasons:

  • They are a health hazard to those in the home
  • They are an environmental hazard
  • They are corrosive and damage the pipes
  • They don’t work as well as professional drain cleaning

Here’s How All Purpose Plumbing Can Help

Finding a trustworthy professional plumber can be difficult. However, Tacoma, WA residents can rest easy with the professionals at All Purpose Plumbing. These plumbers have the skillset and integrity to get the job done right the first time. Not to mention they do everything with the customer’s satisfaction in mind. Call today to schedule drain cleaning services!