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Guide To Finding a Reliable Plumbing Service This Winter

Plumbing problems that may seem insignificant at first sight can rapidly rise into something urgent and potentially disastrous. What's more annoying is that these plumbing problems often occur at unexpected times. Therefore, when there is a plumbing problem that needs quick fixing, calling an emergency plumbing company is necessary. In some cases, plumbing problems may quickly escalate into an emergency, hence needing the attention of a local emergency plumbing company. 

This article analyzes a few scenarios that may require emergency plumbing services and how homeowners can solve these problems.

Burst Pipes Lead To Property Damage

If burst pipes are not addressed promptly, homeowners face the risk of flooding, mold, and property damage. In extreme cases, the possibility of drowning is also high, especially where pets are involved.


Once a burst pipe has been identified, it is important to look for professional plumbing services to fix the problem as soon as possible. While waiting for the plumbers to arrive, homeowners should turn off the building's main water supply if possible. Additionally, homeowners can take extra precautions by removing essential items from the flooded area.

Water and electricity do not mix, yet another reason to call an emergency plumbing company in case of a burst pipe in a residential or commercial property. To minimize the risk of electrocution, avoid stepping on the water until when a professional plumber arrives and gives an all-clear. If there are no other alternatives to evacuate the flooded area without stepping on water, homeowners should wear protective clothing.

Leaking Gas Can Be Catastrophic sing

The first thing to do after detecting leaking gas is to turn off the main valve before alerting an emergency plumbing company. Gas leaks are a major concern in residential and commercial properties and may cause fires, injuries, or even death in some cases.

As the cold season begins to set throughout the country, many households and commercial properties use gas-powered furnaces and heaters for extra warmth. As a result, cases of gas leaks that require emergency plumbing services are usually higher around this time of the year.

Understanding the Dangers and Causes of a Sewage Backup

Sewage contains all the waste products removed from a residential or commercial building. A backup in the sewer line can lead to odors, fumes, and pathogens which permeate the indoor environment and cause a serious health hazard

Some common causes of a sewage backup may include:

  • Clogging – This mostly happens when solid materials other than human waste go down the sewer lines.
  • Damaged sewer lines – Cracks could cause damage to sewer lines due to applied pressure or aging.
  • Heavy downpour – Overflowing rainwater can find its way into a sewer line, thus causing a backup.
  • Overgrown tree roots – Tree roots put pressure on sewer lines, consequently blocking the flow of sewage.

Regardless of the cause, homeowners are advised to get in touch with an emergency plumbing service right away to have the problem fixed.

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