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Is There Anything Less Romantic Than a Leaking and Broken Faucet Drip?

Leaks and dripping water can be frustrating to see, especially around this particular time of year. During Valentines Day, homeowners should not have to worry about plumbing issues. Thankfully, plumbing technicians are on emergency calls, ready to help with any dripping faucets!

If homeowners don't care about the leaking and broken faucet drips, they can eventually deal with extensive damage and high costs.

What Happens When A Faucet Excessively Drips? sink

The worst thing that occurs when a leaky faucet excessively drips water is it wastes water! Even when homeowners are not using their water supply, it is still dripping out. This lack of water also aids in increasing the water bill.

Water underneath sinks and in bathrooms is a bad sign. Homeowners should be vigilant and look for signs of a leaky faucet. The excess water and the humid location make a perfect spot for mold and fungus to grow. Black mold is unsightly and spreads fast! 

Black mold can also cause health problems. To eliminate this possibility, homeowners should call their local plumber technicians if they notice mold development with a leak.

Why Do Faucets Leak Over Time?

Sometimes, homeowners can't prevent leaky faucets. With time and age, taps begin to wear down and break. Even one small crack can cause a leak that develops and worsens over time. When this occurs, a leaky faucet repair is necessary.

Another cause is a loose or worn O ring. When the O ring is not as strong or durable as it used to be, it can cause water to drip and pour out. Homeowners can purchase an O ring, but it is difficult as the size depends on the type of sink and faucet.

Pipe corrosion is another likely cause of leaky faucets. Water can leak and drip out as the pipes rust and corrode, driving water bills high.

faucet How To Fix a Leaky Faucet

One of the first steps homeowners should take to fixing a leaky faucet is checking that any connections are tight and there is no physical damage to the plumbing lines leading to and from the sink. If everything checks out and there is still an issue, it's likely time to call in an expert. 

Not only can plumbing technicians aid in figuring out the exact cause, but they have the expertise to fix it as well. Sometimes, homeowners need a new faucet that does not leak, while other times, the damage is extensive enough to require complete removal and replacement.

The sink makes the real difference. Surprisingly, even the sinks' material can cause complications when fixing a leaky faucet. This makes it more challenging to take out the faucet parts.

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