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Outdoor Plumbing Clogs Can Hamper the Outdoor Festivities

Spring is in full force, and homeowners can finally enjoy warm weather and sunshine. With more Vitamin D, fresh air, and opportunities for outdoor barbeques, homeowners have no reason not to smile! Well, that is, assuming they do not have to deal with outdoor plumbing clogs.

Problems with outdoor plumbing fixtures can really dampen all the fun, especially since most of them will require professional help. If not addressed early enough, these issues can even ruin the beautiful yards that homeowners have worked so hard to maintain! Homeowners should know about their outdoor plumbing systems, what types of problems may arise, and how to solve them. 

What Fixtures Makeup Outdoor Plumbing Systems?

Most plumbing fixtures that homeowners think of are the ones that they see on a daily basis, like those in the bathroom or kitchen. However, these are parts of a whole system of fixtures that also run outdoors to control the flow and treatment of waste coming from the house.

The most important part of the outdoor plumbing system is the main sewer line, which is a line that starts in the house and connects to either a home septic tank or a city connection. All the pipes inside the house ultimately connect to this line through a series of branch drains. As one might predict, clogs in any of these outdoor plumbing fixtures can ultimately lead to problems with the in-home plumbing fixtures, given the extent to which everything is connected. 

What Leads to Outdoor Pipe Clogs?

pipes Outdoor pipes can become clogged due to several different reasons. Some of the most common causes include:
  • Grease/debris buildups or foreign objects – this often occurs when homeowners deposit grease, flush debris, or accidentally send foreign objects into the sewer system
  • Tree root intrusion – tree roots may attach to the pipes due to the flowing water, which can result in backups or a full line break
  • Sewer line collapse – this may occur due to old / deteriorated pipes or heavy pressure from foot traffic or heavy equipment above ground
  • Sunk sewer lines – this often has to do with soil conditions and is largely out of the homeowner’s control

Some of these factors are controllable while others are not, so homeowners should try to control what they can and prepare for what they cannot control. 


How Can Hydrojetting Clear Outdoor Pipes?

Hydrojetting can save the day when it comes to unblocking outdoor pipes. This process involves high-pressure water forced through the sewer line to unclog the blockage without using any chemicals. 

The great thing about hydrojetting is that it is not invasive and leaves no trace of damages behind. It merely sends water through the pipes at a high enough speed that it breaks apart clogs and any other types of blockages throughout the pipes.

Homeowners will likely need to hire a professional to perform hydrojetting on clogged pipes. They should also make sure the plumber tests those same pipes for leaks or breaks, as these should be addressed immediately when detected. 

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