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Why Drain Cleaning Is So Important

Every home needs a certain level of upkeep and maintenance to stay in good working order. That doesn't just mean keeping the place swept and repairing little things here and there - it also means maintaining the vital systems the home relies upon. The plumbing system is no exception. 

Part of plumbing maintenance is fixing leaks and other small issues as they arise, but routine drain cleaning is another key part that often gets overlooked. Without periodic drain cleaning, homeowners can face many unpleasant plumbing issues both big and small. So this article will outline three reasons every homeowner should consider having their drains cleaned by a professional!

Prevent Drain Clogs and Nasty Buildup

clogs The most obvious benefit of drain cleaning is that it helps prevent clogs. Of course, being careful about what goes down the drain is half the battle, but no matter how vigilant homeowners are, things like dirt, hair, oil, and soap scum will inevitably collect inside the home's drain pipes. Eventually, these materials can obstruct the pipe and cause clogs - not to mention produce unpleasant odors.

In a typical drain cleaning service, plumbers use a hydro jet machine (like a pressure washer for pipes) to remove this nasty buildup so water and waste can flow freely into the sewer or septic system. So by having the drains cleaned periodically and limiting what goes down the drains, homeowners can virtually eliminate the risk of clogs!

Reduce the Risk of Flooding

fix When homeowners use routine drain cleaning to prevent clogs, they're also helping prevent other issues that stem from clogged drain lines. When a drain pipe becomes clogged, wastewater can back up and cause an increase in pressure, potentially causing cracks or leaks, particularly around joints and couplings. Likewise, if the backed-up wastewater freezes on a frigid winter night, the expansion of the ice can cause burst pipes. 

Even if no leaks or ruptures occur, the wastewater can back up into the home. This unpleasantness poses a health risk due to raw sewage's bacteria and toxic gases. Keeping the drains clean helps prevent the flooding, water damage, and sewage backups that drain clogs often cause.

Helps Prevent Future Plumbing Repairs

Naturally, avoiding drain clogs and their unfortunate consequences also means reducing the number of repairs and cleanups homeowners will need over the long haul. No one likes having to call a plumber to unclog drains or fix leaks - but it's even worse when it's a regular occurrence. Over time, all those plumbing repair bills can add up to a pretty penny!

Instead, homeowners can schedule preventative drain cleaning and plumbing maintenance to avoid shelling out for emergency repairs. As a rule, it's best to schedule a general plumbing maintenance visit every 1-2 years and professional drain cleaning (hydro jetting the home's drains and sewer line) every 2-4 years or as needed. This will keep the home's plumbing system running smoothly and help save homeowners money long-term!

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