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5 Inventive Ways To Remodel Your Bathroom For The New Year

Get A Plumber, Not A Contractor To Remodel Your Bathroom

Those who have never remodeled their bathroom before may think that a contractor is who they need to get the remodeling project done. If you get a contractor to remodel your bathroom, it’s possible that some of the work will get done, but none of the plumbing work will be finished, or if it is, then you can bet that the plumbing probably won’t work properly. Since you call a Tacoma plumber when anything goes wrong in your bathroom, you need to know that the plumber is who should remodel the bathroom, not a contractor.

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Remodeling Projects

Hot Tub- Getting a hot tub in a bathroom seems very expensive, but those who are trying to upgrade the value of their home would easily do so by adding a hot tub into the bathroom. The hot tub can be situated in a corner of the bathroom, depending on the size of the tub and the bathroom.

TV Space- Think of creating a space in the wall that can hold a TV, that’s if you don’t want to get a wall-mounted TV in the bathroom. Even if you don’t want a TV in the space, then consider decorating it with flowers, figurines, or even a painting.

A Faucet- No doubt you already have a faucet in your bathroom, but changing it to a different faucet would be a great way to give the sink area a touch-up, and you can choose from the many different faucets to make the sink area look much better.

A Sink- If you’re getting a new faucet, then a sink could easily go with it. There are tons of different sinks that range from ones that are inserted to one’s that have an entire countertop with it, so pick a sink that will match the faucet and look great in the bathroom.

Bathroom Countertops- You can get a great looking new countertop that’s made of many different materials. You can choose different colors, textures, and thicknesses to add to the countertop to make it bring out the beauty of the sink area.

Have Fun Remodeling

It can be a lot of fun remodeling your Tacoma bathroom, especially when all the ideas come directly from your head. Just make sure you budget yourself when remodeling, and be patient with the person remodeling your bathroom.

Start the new year in your Tacoma, WA home with a new bathroom! Call All Purpose Plumbing at (253) 473-5100 today, so we can get started on your new bathroom!