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The Latest Toilet Technologies

Tacoma, WA toilet-technologies

A Nightlight

There are toilets with night lights, similar to how a child may have a night light to help them fall asleep in a dark room. The lights are simply helpful for those who may want to keep the bathroom dark but still find their way to the toilet.

Some toilets will have lights that are bright enough to illuminate the toilet and the area around it, but others may just have simple lights as a guide to get to the toilet. The led lights are not only helpful but a great way to keep the toilet lit up with lights for years because led lights take a lot longer to dissipate than regular light bulbs.

A Turbo Wash

There is a wash called a turbo wash, or some may even call it a stream of some kind, and this is an extremely powerful jet of water that actually goes inside the anus to help flush out the bowels. These are used by professional colon cleansing locations, and although some may find it uncomfortable, those who can stand it can seriously get rid of stubborn bowels caused by constipation and other ailments.

This wash is definitely not for everyone. Some toilets that are equipped with the wash can be very helpful to those who have had problems with bowel movements and felt the need to drink certain teas or take supplements that would help them go to the bathroom. The nozzle that’s used for the turbo wash is also self-cleaning, so even though the entire event sounds a bit unnerving, at least, the next person to use the bathroom will know that they’ll have a perfectly cleaned and sterilized nozzle every time.

Timer For Energy Saving

Who knew that a toilet would need to save energy? Toilets that have a lot of technology and a remote control will use energy of some kind, but it can also take up a lot of energy. If a toilet has heated seats and other features, then it may be necessary to program the toilet to use less energy when no one is in their Rancho Cucamonga home using the toilet.

Turning down the water temperature as well as the heated seat is a great way to save energy from the toilet while no one is home, and it can then be programmed to go back to normal when the person comes back home. Some toilets can automatically do energy-saving on their own.

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