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Keep Your Pipes Healthy All Spring Long


There are many upsides to the onset of warm weather such as spending more time outdoors, having more sunlight hours during the day, and enjoying the scenery of beautiful flowers coming out of hibernation as they blossom and bloom. For that, we have to thank the many rain showers that occur during this magical time that are not only enchanting but also nourishing.

However, not every effect of this rain is a positive one. For our outdoor plumbing systems, the heavy rain can wreak havoc on our pipes if we don’t have a proper plumbing inspection to ensure everything is running smoothly.

You Mean, My Pipes Can Break?

brokenpipeYes. Unfortunately, this is a fact that many homeowners are unaware of until an issue arises.

The heavy impact of rainwater can cause a serious amount of pressure that can cause your pipes to crack or burst.

Additionally, when the earth’s natural elements coincide (water and dirt), a thick mud is created that results in even more pressure on your pipes. Another effect to be aware of is when excessive rainfall occurs, the earth can be softened causing your buried pipes to shift.

Pipes are designed to stay in place, so anytime they’re moving, it could be a cause for concern. While minor shift are normal, any large movements will spell disaster for your plumbing. This may cause broken pipes and creates further problems that are especially tough on older plumbing systems.

Backup In Your Sewer System

sewersystemBurst underground pipes aren’t the end of problems that can arise due to rain.

When these pipes are shifted underground, there is an open opportunity for unwanted substances such as rocks and debris to enter through the cracks.

If there is too much backup for the pipes to handle, the result is unwanted water leaking into places that could be disastrous for homeowners such as a basement.

While you’re always going to produce waste, it’s a fact of life, getting ongoing drain cleaning and service can go a long way to keeping debris out of your pipes.

Is It Time For A Plumbing Inspection?

plumbinginspectionIf you’re reading this article, the answer is most likely yes! The best defense is offense, meaning it’s a great idea to have your pipes inspected long before any problems occur.

A professional plumbing specialist will be able to detect any issues an fix them early on which will save you lots of headache and lots of money later down the road.

Whether that’s replacing sections of pipe or opting for drain cleaning, we can find a better solution that avoids major plumbing emergencies.

Spring should be a time where all you worry about is who’s hosting the family barbecue or what kind of flowers you will plant this weekend, not about what pipes may burst on you tomorrow!

The trained specialists here at All Purpose Plumbing are here to assist you in any pipe related questions you may have. Give us a call at (253) 473-5100! We would love to hear how you handle heavy rainfall during the spring!