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Your Comprehensive Guide to Connecting and Installing a New Refrigerator

Kitchen Plumbing

Your new refrigerator has just arrived at your door, you're ready for the kitchen remodeling. Time to take it out of the box, and admire its beauty. But before you load it up with all your fruits and veggies, you have to get it installed and running. Check out this comprehensive guide to connecting and installing your brand new refrigerator.

How to Connect the Water Dispenser

Water Dispenser

Follow these steps to connecting your water dispenser on your refrigerator unit.

1. Shut off the water, and drain the line - run the water at your sink until it stops.
2. Locate the cold water supply pipe - either in the basement or under the sink.
3. Pierce the pipe with the saddle valve that came with your kit - securely tighten in place with the nuts and bolts provided. Make sure it’s tight enough that it pierces the pipe.
4. Run the tubing, that came with your kit, from the cold water line to the back of the fridge.
5. Connect the tubing to the water valve from the fridge using a compression fitting - valve is located at the bottom left of the fridge.
6. Turn your water back on.

How to Connect the Ice Maker

Ice MakerNow that the water dispenser is connected, the ice maker is ready to go. Before you start making drinks, however, be sure to check for leaks. Specifically, where the saddle valve is located.

Saddle valves are not used by plumbers in Tacoma, WA, and for good reason. The clamp is coated metal, which easily rusts.

There is also the risk of leaks, as the valve isn’t always strong enough to withstand city water pressure. Keep an eye on it, and opt for replacing it with a regular stop valve in the future.

The Pros of Having a Professional Installation

Professional InstallationThere are many benefits to going with a pro when it comes installing your refrigerator. Kitchen plumbing can get confusing, and before you know it, an hour project turns into a whole day.

Save time, and stress, by going with a professional for your installation process. They know the ins and outs of plumbing and will be in and out of your house, in no time at all. Not to mention, all equipment used is up to code, and will last longer than what you will find in the DIY home kits.

So, the water dispenser is in, ice maker is working, and your brand new refrigerator is up and running. Now you can sit back, relax and admire it in all its shininess! Be sure to take a minute to show it off at your next dinner party.