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Why you should not use chemical drain cleaning solutions to unclog your drain


Tacoma Drain CleaningA clogged drain can be a serious headache for a homeowner who experiences it on a regular basis. Whenever people have a drain problem, there immediate solution is to use a chemical drain cleaner. These can be very abrasive, and are often not a good idea to use for a number of other reasons. Continuous use of drain cleaners can lead to very serious problems much later down the road. A seemingly simple fix can become very expensive over time. Different drain cleaning chemicals can do damage to certain pipe materials. Stainless steel, for example, can become seriously damaged over time if the wrong sort of cleaner is used. Chemical cleaners leave behind a sticky residue. Over time it is believed that these can cause clogging as well. Repeated clogging of a drain is often symptomatic of a larger problem with the plumbing.

Another concern that is on people's mind is the environment. Many of these cleaners use very harsh chemicals that are bad for the environment. It is also believed that some of these cleaners can be hazardous to health. Most modern cleaners are based in bleach. Bleach can cause headaches, respiration problems, skin irritation and also aggravate conditions such as asthma. These cleaners are not designed with the health conscious individual in mind.

Many people think that it's alright to use acid based cleaners to clean drain clogs. These are both hazardous to health and can seriously erode pipes. Pipe replacements can easily cost thousands of dollars in parts and labor once the pipes beneath a home have been eroded to a certain point. The biggest problem with any clog is that a homeowner doesn't know the source of the clog. Many apartment complexes know not to use drain cleaners because they don't fix the problem. Maintenance men in these complexes have to manually run a snake on a regular basis. Any number of different things could be wrong with pipes when there is a clog. Drain cleaners are often a quick fix to a much greater problem that needs to be rectified. It's important to contact a plumber to make sure that you don't have a larger and more expensive problem on your hands in the long run.

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