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How to Pick the Right Plumber


Tacoma PlumberKeeping your plumbing in good working order is essential to a smooth running household or business operation. But when a small or large repair problem occurs, it's important to know how to pick the right plumber so that you not only get good value for the money you spend but that the job is done right and doesn't recur a few months down the road. When you know the right questions to ask before hiring a plumber, you can be more assured you are picking the right plumber to satisfy your needs.

The first question in picking the right plumber is asking about the stability of the company in your community. How long has it been in business and how long has it been operating at its current location? Does the company handle a wide range of plumbing projects or specialize in residential versus commercial? Are they willing to provide local references that can speak to their reliability, expertise and dependability?

The next essential question is asking if the company has a current and valid license to do plumbing projects in the state and if they can offer you proof of both worker's compensation as well as liability insurance. Dealing with plumbers who are uninsured and unlicensed is simply asking for trouble that could lead to big lawsuits.

In picking the right plumber, you want a company that is happy to provide you with a written estimate for the repairs that need to get done. And this estimate should clearly spell out if the charges are a flat rate or include both time and material. Picking the right plumber doesn't simply mean selecting the company offering the lowest bid but involves asking about the qualifications of the technicians doing the work as well as the quality of the equipment and materials used. The right plumber backs his work with a warranty against defects and an unconditional guarantee of satisfaction that all repairs meet local building code standards and will be fixed free of charge should anything fail after the repair project has been completed. 

Taking the time to ask important questions and review a plumber's credentials and references will take the worry and stress out of getting plumbing systems repaired, whether the job is large or small.

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