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Tips On Properly Maintaining Your Drains


Tacoma PlumberDrains always seem to cause problems at the most inopportune times. Drains mostly funnel away water and debris, unnoticed, until they malfunction, causing a plumbing emergency, which is at best inconvenient, and at worst very expensive. Many drain problems can be prevented with a little routine maintenance.

There are some things which should never be put down a kitchen drain, even if you have a garbage disposal. Grease will coat the pipes and eventually plug them. Coffee grounds, pasta, potatoes, rice, and other starchy foods can expand after grinding, causing clogs. Never grind animal bones in a disposal, disposals are meant for biodegradable food only, so non foods like cigarette butts, should go in the wastebasket. Do not grind large amounts of food at a time. Grinding citrus peels in small pieces is a good idea, they deodorize the disposal.

Bathroom drains tend to get plugged with hair. Using an inexpensive strainer over the drain and cleaning it often, will keep hair and other particulate matter from going down the drain plugging up the plumbing. Pop-up drains are convenient, but tend to collect hair and soap scum. Cleaning them out regularly can prevent blockages. Slow drains indicate a blockage is forming. Regularly running hot water down drains can help avoid problems.

Toilets should only have human waste and a small amount of toilet tissue flushed down them. Large amounts of toilet tissue, tampons, and other things should not be flushed. If a toilet does get clogged, a plunger may be used, but plumbing snakes can cause extensive damage, their use is best left to a professional.

Tree and shrub roots can grow into drains, and this requires professional assistance. Chemicals from the hardware store to kill roots frequently cause more problems.

Harsh chemical drain cleaning products can be dangerous, and can corrode pipes, causing even more damage, they can continue corroding the pipe long after the clog is gone, requiring expensive repairs. It is best to get a plumber to come in to deal with drain problems, he is better equipped to figure out where and what the blockage is.

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