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Summer Plumbing Tips

Glen Cove PlumberIf you have ever owned a home, you likely know just how important your plumbing system is, and if you want to keep your pipes clean and running for a long time there are some things that you should do regularly for maintenance and some things that you should definitely avoid.

Here are some of the biggest summer plumbing tips that you should take into consideration.

Know What you Can and Can Not Put Down the Toilet

Great deals of people end up with clogs in their toilets because they simply attempted to flush things that are not acceptable.

Even if you happen to put something down the drain and it ends up flushing, it could very well get stuck in the inner workings of the drain, leading to a blockage.  When it comes to flushing, the general rule is to keep it solely to toilet paper.

Turn Down the Water Heater and Clear Your Disposal

Now that it is summer, chances are that you do not need as much hot water as you did in the winder, so you can go ahead and turn your hot water heater down. Turning your heater down will decrease your energy consumption and put money back in your pocket.

Clearing your garbage disposal is another great thing to do during the summer, due to the fact that oftentimes there are more events and barbecues taking place, leading to more foreign objects going down the drain. This means it is a good idea to clear your disposal to make sure that it does not get backed up and over worked.

Check Sewer Lines

Glen Cove Summer-Plumbing-TipsOften time's a home can develop cracks in their sewer lines, leading to all sorts of problems if left unchecked.

When there is a crack in the sewer line, water and nutrients drip into the ground and if there are trees around, the roots will actually grow to the water source, causing further problems to the lines.

It is a good idea to check these lines as soon as you can before or during summer, due to the fact that this is the time of year when tree roots are growing the most.

The last and final thing is to simply have a professional come out and check your full plumbing system, or at least do a thorough inspection yourself.

It can get much more complicated to work on your pipes during the winter, so making sure you do a thorough inspection and fixing any problems that have developed during the summer is ideal.

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