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What are the 3 Main Water Heater Regulations? And Why are They Important?

As technology has evolved, one area that has benefitted is energy efficiency for appliances. This has been particularly true for water heaters, which due to the large amounts of energy they use to create hot water have been at the forefront of greater efficiency standards.

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As a result, the United States Department of Energy implemented what are known as Final Rule efficiency standards in 2010. Applicable to products manufactured for sale in the United States, the new standards will have a dramatic impact on water heaters used by Tacoma homeowners.

Increasing EF Requirements

The most important regulation for water heaters under this mandate has been making sure manufacturers adhere to the increased EF requirements. Known as Energy Factor ratings, they apply to all residential electric, gas, tankless, and oil water heaters.

With the goal being to help Tacoma consumers save money on electric bills while also helping to conserve natural resources, the EF rating will now be more important than ever. Because it measures how much electricity is used when converting water from cold to hot, the EF rating must now be higher in order to meet the stricter federal standards.

1-55 Gallon Tanks

The most popular type of water heater used in residences across the United States, ones that hold up to 55 gallons will now have increased EF standards. For a gas water heater, the current standard of .62 will now jump to .82, meaning that 82 percent of the energy used will be converted to hot water. For electric water heaters between 20-55 gallons, the EF standard of .90 for a 50 gallon tank will increase to .95, meaning 95 percent of its energy will be converted to hot water.

55 Gallons or More

While the increases for water heaters up to 55 gallons are somewhat substantial, it is the new standards for tanks holding in excess of 55 gallons that exhibit the most dramatic jump. For example, a gas heater with a 75 gallon capacity will now see its new EF standard go from .53 to .74, representing a 40 percent increase.

However, it is the electric water heaters that have a 120 gallon capacity that will show the biggest increase, going from .81 to 1.92. While the increases seem very steep, they will result in increased energy savings for consumers. However, because the costs of the heaters will increase, those savings may be negated to some degree.

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