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Tips to Have a Functioning Garbage Disposal

If there is one single item in most homes that doesn't get any respect, it's your garbage disposal. One of the reasons why is folks who have a disposal forget to remember that it's a "disposal" not a garbage can.

Tacoma, WA Garbage-Disposal-ServicesSurely you can keep that in mind before the switch is turned on and the water begins to flow.

It's a well known fact that a Tacoma home garbage disposal is a handy tool as well as reducing landfill waste and making after meal cleanups a whole lot easier.

On the other hand, with the fall season of Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday enjoyment fast approaching, your "no respect" garbage disposal will probably be overused.

All that said, with your permission, perhaps it's best to tack this article on your refrigerator door as a reminder of three important things to keep in mind about your "sink-friend" so you won't be required to call your plumber to save the day or evening, with repairs or a totally ruined unit - ouch!

Tip #1 - What You CAN Put Down The Garbage Disposal!

To keep it functional coffee grounds and raw egg shells are okay. Other okay items include the following: the ends of most all vegetables cooked or raw, raw or cooked or canned fruits, noodles and vegetarian sauces, plus anything that's soft or cooked like grits, oatmeal or mashed spuds.

Tip #2 - What NOT To Put Down The Garbage Disposal!

Most people don't need to be told not to put paper, wood or any other material down a disposal. As far as food is concerned, meat, skin, bones, lard, heavy grease may clog dull, or jam the disposal requiring a phone call to your local plumber.

Fruits, banana peels, apple seeds or other hard fruit including coconut shells and pineapple are not welcome guests. And you can forget onion skins and popcorn; especially the unpopped kernels.

Tip #3 - Cleaning A Garbage Disposal!

The good news is yes, you can clean a garbage disposal and it will go a long way in eliminating those clogged drains, smelly odors and even providing a Tacoma home for bacteria and mold to grow a family.

The bad news is, this is NOT a job for you regardless of what Uncle Fred told you. Unless you can live with losing a finger or two, this is only a job for an experienced plumber or plumbing company.

Time to get your Tacoma, WA home garbage disposal ready for the holiday season. Call All Purpose Plumbing at (253) 473-5100 today.